Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hello Friends,  A couple more ideas from Bonnie & Sue.  Linda has not felt so spiffy this winter, so she is out of ideas.
Above Bonnie made a collage with PICMONKEY.  It appears she painted a seascape and made a color swatch board and set up a still life.  She does beautiful, realistic still life paintings in her studio with natural light.  These look like lilac's so we know she is cheating ! HA!
Artists have a license to do such things, ya know.

Sue's contribution is to get your panels ready !!  And lots of them.  Do some in unexpected colors, like thalo blue.  It will be used, I'm sure.

And she likes the Terra Skin so she has some on a piece of cardboard with that obnoxious blue tape.
The best colors for a base ground (in my opinion) are warm.  Like burnt sienna and cadmium red and quin. burnt orange and PINK!
Once in a while we get a beautiful day, such as today, with sunshine, clouds, warm (58) temps so if your bag is ready, just grab it and GO.  Paint. and make starts. To finish at home.  I DID today.
And it was wonderful.
Thanks for stopping in.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hello Friends,  Have you ever wondered what other artists do with their time during the winter season when they can't get outside to paint?   The PleinAir magazine has an article written by Jeanne Mackenzie that you may enjoy reading.
As for the Double Line Painters, we all enjoy painting during any season, inside or out !
But each of us has a few favorite things to do in preparation for the arrival of spring and  !

Mary Anne has been enjoying the Picmonkey ap .  As you can see in the top photo, she has been painting dogs and then arranging them in Picmonkey for a postcard.
An excellent use of her time.
The second photo is from Judy.  Obviously she has been working with Picmonkey too.  She applied the black decal on her photo.  Looks really nice.  And she is getting new ideas from books and videos !  That's always a great way to spend your time.
There will be another post from the other  members about how they use their winter months.
We thank you for stopping in and hope your winter months are as fun as ours.
Happy Trails
Travel Safely
Watch out for Black Ice

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Hello Friends,  We just wanted to let you know we have made it through the BIG CHILL !!
Our cars started this morning in 7 degrees and we made the journey to Judy's house.  Judy is a gracious host with lots of hot beverages and sweet NO NO's and the fun of a precious rescue dog named Daisy and three rescued cats.  Ginny is the only one of the cats that enjoys new company.

I suppose most artists struggle with the computer and hate trying out new ap's.  Not Judy.  Both sides of her brain are very active/agile.  Our meeting today was an introduction to PICMONKEY.  We all said "YEAH" that 'could' be very helpful.  So keep your eyes open for some artsy-fartsy collages. 

As a parting shot, I wanted you to see the stash of brushes in Judy's studio.  Doesn't look nearly as impressive on this monitor as it does in real life.  I would compare this to pastels.  You have to pick out which you are going to use before starting the job or your paint may dry up before you decide on a brush.  All this cleverness from a gal that likes to use the same 3 brushes for everything !
We have several exciting events coming up this year.  New ideas (for us).  New shows.  New workshops.  We now have a facebook page and hope you will like us there. 
The beautiful show of art work is still at the Jefferson Center through the end of January and will probably come down the first week of February.  So you still have time to see it.
Thanks for sharing our journey.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Healthy New Year

Wishing all our friends the best in this coming New Year.
HAPPY 2015
"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one."
Brad Paisley

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and Thanks

And Please stay tuned for More

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artists - Day Eight - Sue Furrow

Hello Friends,  We have finally reached the last artist, Sue Furrow.  This will be the most difficult post.  I have no luck critique-ing my own work.  I will try to be as upbeat as I have been with the other artists in this show.
First off, my favorite pieces are here, the first two.  I feel that these two are reflecting me as I am NOW, in this journey through life.  They are the first attempts at a new way of expressing myself and my love for the beautiful world God was hoping we would take care of.

This part of our country, SW Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains is indeed a grand place to live in.  To hike and travel through.  To paint in.  The 1st is a view in the Eagle Rock area, Blue Ridge Vineyard.  This 2nd, is right outside of Roanoke, on Rt.221, "Crystal Spring".

The remainder of these paintings were done in the studio, with a lot of preparation and angst.  Trying to follow all the rules.

Trying to make them interesting and getting the focal points in the right little golden section.

I still like the 2 above with the horse and the cows and the joyful flowers and the happy little trees.
Not too bad for someone that started her journey unprepared and under educated.

Wow, look at the direction this one took.  Photos are not my friend.

This is a bit dark, mostly because of the nasty camera.  Using some photos and some actual observations up on Mill Mountain, this one is not too bad.

This one is actually prettier than it seems.  I doubt if I could have done any better en Plein Air.  The figure is daunting.
So there you have it.  8 Artist in 8 Days.  It will be interesting to do this again in 12 months.  And I hope you are interested enough and curious enough to come back and see us next year at the Jefferson Center in DT Roanoke.
Wishing you a very happy Holiday, with peace, health and happiness, dogging you all the way.
Merry Christmas from Mary Anne, Judy, Linda, Bonnie and Sue

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artists - Day Seven - Patty Powers

Hello Friends,  Today you get to peek at Patty Powers gorgeous work.  Patty is our guest from Lynchburg.  More so than ever you need to see these in person.  My camera just can't do them justice.
The one above is my favorite.  I love birds nests and eggs.

Her colors are so much more pleasing to your eye, than what you see here.  I don't know what the title is but it looks musical to me.

I made this piece into 2 photos.  It's long and getting back far enough was not working.

Don't you think this looks underwater, ocean, reef, tropical?
Love the colors.

Took this shot at an angle to keep glass glare down.  Reminds me of butterfly wings.
Am I putting words in your mouth or thoughts in your head?

This one shimmers if I remember right.  Really like the leaf patterns.

Enjoy the large drops of color on the left and the way she carried the circle shapes across the rest of the work. Beautiful.!
You will enjoy perusing Patty's work in fiber and all the other creative efforts on display at the Jefferson Center until mid-January.
Hope to run into you there.
If not - Happy Trails