Thursday, April 17, 2014

Double Line Paints at 2nd Helpings Gallery

 Hello Dear Friends,  We had a fun day painting and answering questions at 2nd Helpings today.  Above, Bonnie, Linda and Martha set up on the stage to work on their paintings.  They had lots of people stop and quiz them.
 Above, Judy got a good shot of Sue working on a painting for the Blue Ridge Vineyard show coming up on April 27th.

 Above is Linda and Martha engrossed in their creative process.  Forget to ask if the works were for any particular show.
Above is Mary Anne painting an abstracted nature scene for her gallery in Myrtle Beach/Calabash area of NC.  Hope I got that right.  And where is Judy?   Don't know how she slipped away from the camera.  I took one but it was a blurred mess.  Sorry Judy.

Next week if the weather co-operates we will be in Bedford working on some barn scenes for an upcoming exhibit sponsored by the Bower Center in Bedford.  Should be lots of fun !
Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2nd Helpings Gallery and Blue Ridge Vineyard

 Hello Dear Friends,  Just posting a reminder for you to come by 2nd Helpings Gallery tomorrow, Thursday the 17th between 11am and maybe 2 ish.  We will be there painting for your entertainment and chatting about all the great stuff we have coming up this year.  Try to come by and say Hello
And have a delicious lunch in the café.  Everything is really good.

And in case you haven't marked your calendar yet, on April 27th, a Sunday, from about 1pm til 4pm we will again be painting for you, plein air.  The vineyard will have a band, wine tasting and of course the wine and art will be for sale.  Please let us know if you heard about this event from our blog or other ads.  Or maybe even facebook. 
Happy Trails

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Reception at the Electric Co. Co-Op Gallery, Bedford, Virginia

Hello Friends,  We had a wonderful evening at the opening of our new show in Bedford, Va. last night.  And I must say first off that we were so o o oo ooo  impressed with the way the paintings were hung. 
They just flowed so beautifully across the space.!  So we want to say with great enthusiasm "Thank You" to Suzanne Paddock and Perri Mason for taking so much time to make our work look so good

Can you see how smoothly it flows across the wall ?  You should go see it in person.  The rest of this gallery is pretty impressive too.  All the members are excellent artists.

The gallery had some very tasty little treats for everyone also.  We had the pleasure of several member artists company.

Judy and Sue painted most of the evening.  Judy is very good at chatting with visitors while painting.
Sue not so much.  We actually got a painting or two well on its way to finishing.
If you are in Bedford or on your way to Lynchburg or Roanoke, this gallery is just a minute off  Rt.460.   And well worth the stop.  Click Here is visit the Elect Co.'s Blog

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gearing Up for a Busy Season

Hello Dear Friends,  We artists had a busy morning getting ready for a busy season coming soon. We hung new art at the Harrogate Salem Terrace,  which is behind the Walmart on Main Street, Salem, Virginia.  A wonderful place to live.  They have a full time staff keeping up with activities for their residents.  Go by to see all they have to offer and look at the new artwork in the Cyber Café.
 This coming May 31st, the DLP's will be holding a workshop during the Festivities at the Sedalia Center.  It will be a painted paper collage workshop and it's always a ton of fun.  You should sign up before  visiting the festival.  Click Here for more information.

After hanging new work at Harrogate, we went to Longwood Park which is beside the famous Salem Museum also on Main Street Salem.  We set up under the picnic shelter to make more painted papers for the Sedalia workshop.

We hung the wet papers on a line to dry.  Which took about 3 seconds because the wind was really blowing.  We were on a hill top so it was worse than other spots.  We got a lot of papers done though.

And this photo is from a previous workshop held at the Sedalia Center.  Lots of room and plenty of individual attention.

This Friday from 5 til 8 we will be at the Electric Co. Co-Op in Bedford.  We have a new show opening that night titled "Spring Break".  Some of us will be painting to entertain the crowd and others will be answering your questions.  Please stop by and say Hello & visit a bit.

You can keep up with changing information a bit better at our Website.

Happy Trails

Friday, April 4, 2014

Blue Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Rock, Virginia

 Hello Friends,  Yesterday we, DLP, had the tremendous pleasure of traveling up RT. 220 to the Eagle Rock area to the "Blue Ridge Vineyards/Events....Visit their website for directions, etc.   We wasted no time in spreading out over the 300 acres to paint and sketch.  I walked and walked, taking photos.  Above photo is Bonnie set up on a really steep hill overlooking all the property.
 Here is Mary Anne, with her pastel set-up, looking in the direction of the entrance, along the road.
 Here is a shot of the entrance sign, close to where Mary Anne is set up.  That is an old cedar I'm told.
 Here is Judy set up at the entrance to the actual vines.  Over the hill top are more beautiful vistas of other properties with barns and cows!   I could stay here for months and paint.
 In previous photo of Judy, notice the poles at each end of a grape row.  They have the names of the vines in tree rounds carved out.   And look at that beautiful gnarly vine.
 After a couple hours everyone headed back to the festival "pavilion" (I don't know what to call this huge shelter.)  That's Hazel, painting on the wine bottles.  She paints various little landmarks of the property, that visitors can see from this spot.  And if I remember right, the Ruritans get a portion of sales.
 Here is a shot of the festival building, that we are sitting under in the shot above.  And I took this photo from where Bonnie was set up to paint.

And here is a better shot of Hazel painting and yours truly making a couple sketches.  I enjoy painting from sketches and memory. 
On April 27th, the last Sunday of this month, the Double Line Painters along with a music group will be set up at this pavilion to show our art work and we will be painting as you visit.  Should be a fun day for everyone involved.  So mark your calendar to ride out to this little piece of heaven and join us.  You can find more info and directions, etc, here at Blue Ridge

Happy Trails

Saturday, March 29, 2014

This and That and Then Some

 Hello Friends,  Just couldn't wait to tell you one of the violins that we, the DLP's, painted was sold while on display at the Alleghany Highlands Arts & Crafts Center.  Shown above, barely visible.
So here is another shot, still doesn't do it justice.  Birds are painted on this one.  And in some more news,  go look at our new LOGO.  Pretty nifty....Click here...

 And mark your calendars, so you don't forget, we have been invited to have an art show at the Blue Ridge Vineyards in Eagle Rock, Va.  The drive is worth it too.  Check out their website.... ... ...       Blue RidgeVineyards.  This should be a lot of fun for us and you, so bring your friends and family.  Make a caravan !

Happy Trails

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plein Aire Painting Today ?

 Hello Friends,  We all met today at the Greenway in Wasena Park which is in the Old SW section of Roanoke, Va,  It was a glorious morning, first we had in a long time.  But the wind was a little stiff.

So we decided to wait a little bit, maybe the wind would die down a bit.  To the "Black Dog Salvage" we went !   You should make every effort to get over there.  Allow at least two hours or more. 
You have never seen so much stuff in your life.  I found a bunch I would love to have
This little fella would be the first thing I loaded on the truck. 
Happy Trails