Thursday, July 17, 2014

"The Ballad of Bedford" is the title of this work

Hello Dear Friends,  We wanted to share our fun day with you.  We started work on the Bedford guitar.  We each painted a version of the barn in Bedford we decided to work on.  I don't think I'm supposed to disclose the location so I'm generalizing with "Bedford".

Judy had already prepped the guitar surface with Kilz and gesso.  BTW, a portion of the sales of the guitar will go to the Rescue Mission, which operates the 2nd Helpings Gallery.  Above the larger barn paintings have been gelled on.

Here Mary Anne and Sue are making the background a sky blue.

Here we have started adding the small farm critters to the sides and putting the painted papers in torn bits to finish the sides.

Here it's getting close to the finish.

Here is the finished back.

And here is the finished front.  It's very creative and unique.  A real conversation piece.  Now Judy has the task of varnishing the instrument.  And I know everyone says this, but it is really better looking in person.  In fact you should make a note on your calendar to see the show.  Just click HERE to read about the Barns of Bedford on the Bower Center's website !
Happy Trails

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Art on the Porch Ikenberry's Orchard Store

Hello Dear Friends,  A short post to let you know we had a great time, as usual, on the porch of Ikenberry's  Orchard Store on Rt. 220 in Daleville area of SW Virginia.

It was a beautiful day and a couple of us even did some painting.  Working on small stuff for the guitar we are going to be assembling this Thursday at 2nd Helpings Gallery on Williamson road.
We will be there from >< 9am til noon or so.  Stop by and say Hi and chat about our up coming workshops.  Click here for the newsletter Judy puts together every month.
These workshops are terrific fun and most everyone goes home with something they love.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Thursday, July 10, 2014

PleinAire Painting off the Blue Ridge Parkway

Hello Friends,  We had the fantastic pleasure of painting in the open air today.  All day!  Looking out over the James River with a cool breeze blowing all day.  And the swallows must have done a great job with the insects.  Never had to use the repellent.

The fishermen were eyeing the "Art" as they passed with an empty bucket.

One lonely little woman, churning out the mini's.

More passing visitors.  This couple looks confused.  Are they coming or going?
You can't beat a day like this.  Paints & Friends.
You should make every effort to come out to Ikenberry's on Rt. 220 in Daleville this Saturday.
We the DLP's will be there from 9 til 2-3pm.  And we may have some of these plein aire pieces there for you to check out.  AND you can get a big box of peaches and sit on the wonderful old porch and chat with us.
I have been informed there is a Bakery inside now.  Maybe we can have peach cobbler !
Please check out our newsletter on our website and plan on coming to our painted paper workshops.
You won't regret all the fun.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ikenberry's and Workshops

Hello Dear Friends,  Getting close but wanted to invite you to visit us this Saturday on the porch at Ikenberry's Store on Rt. 220 in Daleville.  This Saturday we, the DLP's will be showing some of our work and painting en plein aire.
Please stop by and visit and get a bag of the delicious peaches grown there/here at their local orchard.  I believe they have been growing these wonderful fruits for over 100 years !
Check out the newsletter HERE for more info and to read about the workshops the Double Line Painters are presenting this year
Happy Trails

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wonderful Day to be Outside with Your Painting Buddies

Hello Friends,  Wish you could have been with us, the Double Line Painters, today enjoying the great outdoors.  And of course painting our little hearts out.
That's Linda above, painting a broad view of the brook.

That's Judy and Mary Anne above.  Painting from the shade of trees makes it much easier for your eyes to catch all the different shades of green.  You will see in the last photo how different we all paint.  Even when standing side by side.

Here is Bonnie, working on an intimate view over her left shoulder.  She has the ability to paint and talk at the same time !

And here is Sue, the blog meister.  Catching the opposite view. 

Here are 5 of the paintings we started.  Most of us got 2 started, some of us even finished 2.
This park has a couple dozens views I would like to paint, and I bet we will be back.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Plein Aire Painting at the "Evergreen Lavendar Farm"

Hello Friends,  Here are some new shots of us painting at a gorgeous lavender farm today.  A lovely woman named Bonnie gave us free rein to paint anything on her estate today.  Above is Linda, she knows how to make herself comfy for a long days work.  And believe me it is work.  Hot, buggy work that we love so much !  Yay!

Here is Bonnie, not the same woman named above.  This Bonnie always makes a beautiful painting, no matter where we land.

Here is Judy.  She is a horticulturist so I suspect she was painting some of the gorgeous flower beds.  Probably any plant you can name was seen here.

Here is Mary Anne working on a flower bed in pastels.  She is a master with the pastels.  Haven't seen a bad one yet.

Here is Bonnie the owner of this beautiful place.  And just from the small bit of time we were there, I can tell you she is a hard worker.  Here she is potting up root bound lavender.  Click Here for their website.

I just liked these sticks leaned together on a tree, with the names, I presume, of the varieties grown here.  We all want to go back.  I have so much enjoyed this group of women !  We get out, all over this area of Virginia to paint together and genuinely enjoy each others company.
What could be better?
Which prompts me to say (I'm the Blog Master) I've had trouble getting photos out of my camera to use on this blog, so I've missed a couple important events that we wanted to share with you.  BUT  I believe I have found
 the answer to getting DropBox to leave me alone and let me use my photos.  So I will post soon about the fabulous workshop in Calabash, NC.
And I thank my paint buddies for being patient with me.
Happy Trails

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the Sedalia Center Fair

Hello Friends,  One last reminder to come out to the Sedalia Center Art Fair going on this Saturday, the 31st of May, 2014.
Check out their face book page, CLICK HERE, for all the vendors they have this year !
Looks like a lot will be going on, lots to see.  Be sure to stop by our demonstrations in the class room.  We will be demonstrating at 11:30 and 2:30.  All about making painted papers for collaging and scrap booking.
Hope to see you there, it will defiantly be worth the drive.
Happy Trails