Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sunny and WINDY Day of Plein Air Painting - LOVIN' IT

Hello Dear Friends,  We hope you had as great a day as we did.  We went to the Carvins Cove Reservoir over in the Hollins Area this morning.
We wanted to make sure we had not forgotten how to do the plein air thing.  Top is Linda with a comfy seat and water mixable oils and her dog walking outfit.
Next is Mary Anne working from her trunk.  Evidently the wind was too much for pastel work.

And this is ME beside the creek that runs into the lake (see the blue water way in the back?)

Every one thought it humorous the check station wanted to know our purpose for being there.
We have lots of events planned for this year and plenty of plein air painting on the schedule, so we hope you have signed up for email updates.  It's all free and fun.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

150 Paintings in 150 Days Challenge

Hello Friends,  The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge will begin the 150 Paintings in 150 Days Challenge at Blue Ridge Vineyard, 1027 Shiloh Drive, Eagle Rock, Va. 24085, on Sunday May 10th from 1-4 PM.
Music by Eric Larsen will round out the afternoon.
The afternoon will feature Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge: Mary Anne Meador, Judy Lochbrunner, Sue Furrow, and Linda Schaar painting the views of the vineyard along with a small art show.
We wanted to push ourselves to create an extensive number of paintings to document our summer plein air season, says member Linda Schaar.  "These paintings will be a wide variety of subjects, styles and media."
The 150 Paintings in 150 Days will be featured again in addition to the studio work by the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge at the Glebe in August.  And the challenge will finish on October 3 at the art show on the porch at Ikenberry Orchards.
The community can follow the painting challenge and view many of the works by logging on to the group's blog:
The art group can also be contacted directly at
For additional information on the art show click on or  The vineyard can also be contacted at or by calling (540) 798-7642.
Hope to see you there !
Happy Trails

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Braving the CHILL and RAIN

Hello Friends,  Dogwood and Redbud Blooms light up the Rainy Morning.

Just two of us braved the chilly and rainy morning to head up to Mill Mountain.  The colors of flowering trees and shrubs all along the neighborhood streets seemed even more intense in the drizzle.  At the top of  Mill Mountain the views were quite good.  It was quiet except for the maintenance crew and volunteers setting up the signs for the Blue Ridge Marathon on Saturday.  By the way the runners will have a beautiful route for their run and I can’t imagine that very many marathons have the pretty views and lookouts that the Roanoke Marathon has

We set up under the covered picnic area and focused on doing mixed media sketches.  Mary Anne used charcoal and colored pencils while I used acrylic paint, colored pencils, some pastel, and graphite.  It was a successful morning as we each have work that can easily serve as a study for a larger work or perhaps be completed to eventually display.

.As much as we enjoyed the morning we do hope that next week is drier AND warmer.
Thanks for visiting.
Happy Trails

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hello Friends,  I'm posting a reminder of a workshop we are conducting at the beautiful lavender farm in Appomattox.  EVERGREEN LAVENDER FARM.
We don't want you to miss it this year.
You will paint your own artwork of this beautiful farm with our guidance.
June 27th
Click Evergreen above.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hello Friends,  We hung new paintings today in the Cyber CafĂ© of Salem Terrace.
I wanted to include a few photos of the discussions, placing, swapping, moving and more discussions that go on during one of these installations.
Bonnie and Linda above are very good at this job.

Above one of the residents was very interested in our work.  She discussed art with Bonnie for a long time. 

We are pretty satisfied at this point.  Thanks Linda and Bonnie.  Good Job!

I was pretty amused at how these last 2 images wound up where they are.  Blogger is difficult to figure out sometimes.

Left top is Mary Anne's work.  Left bottom is Judy's.

Right top is Linda's.  Right bottom is Bonnie's.

Have a wonderful Spring Week. Stop in again.

                        Happy Trails

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hello Friends,  Our chair for the Bedford Artisan Trail Auction is all finished.
Above is the beginning of the pillow.  An artist palette with the color wheel.

Judy did the final touches while at 2nd Helpings Gallery today.  She was attaching the webbing that holds the pillow up.

Here is a full frontal view

Full rear view.

Had to let you see our logo.  And we all signed it on the bottom.

Here is the whole Good-Lookin' Gang that made the chair Pretty.
We always have a good time at 2nd Helpings and the manager even put us on their Face Book Page.
Click Here to see the page.
Judy is going to deliver the chair soon to Goose Creek Gallery in DT Bedford.  So you can go by there to take a look for yourself.
Happy Trails

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Hello Friends,  OK, Here's the BIG reveal !  We are painting one of the chairs to be auctioned in a silent auction the first weekend of May 2015.

We are using the Color Wheel to make our chair bright and cheerful.  We are almost finished with the painting part.  Next comes the varnish and then the cushion.  This auction will benefit the children's programs on the Bedford Artisan Trail.

And here is our biggest help today "MAX".  He cheered us on and entertained us all morning.  He was a real pro.  Only needed one nap.!
More photos when we finish, soon.
Happy Trails
Have a great spring weekend.