Friday, May 25, 2012

Angela Shields

Judy Lochbrunner

Martha Lalka

Mary Anne Meador

Midge Ovenshire

Sue Furrow
Hey Friends and Neighbors,  Two sets of eyes are missing from the above photos.  Bonnie Mason and Linda Schaar but I'll chase 'em down next week.

This blog meister is still having a devil of a time with this new blogger layout.  If you look at the very top right side of this blog, you will see a list of members.  That's my newest accomplishment and it took over an hour to figure that one out.  Who said slow and steady is good?!  If I don't get faster at this I'll have to drop out of the DLPBR just to have time to paint !!!

We all went to Lake Forest (courtesy of Angela) yesterday to paint and had a good time as usual.  Midge brought us a treat !  A diet chocolate cake w/cherries that was delicious.  You never would have known it was lower (did not say low) in calories.  Thanks Midge.

We went over our plans for the Salem Museum Show reception on June 8th.  Will post more about this show soon.  But first we have to get ready for the 54th Sidewalk Art Show sponsored by the Taubman Museum.  The show is June 2 & 3.   Do try to be there ! 

We went over our plans for painting a piano at Second Helpings Gallery.  I'll be able to explain that project the best with pictures.  We are painting a choir of singing animals on this piano.  Doesn't that sound fun?

"til next time "Happy Trails"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Test !

A member of our group sent a couple photos to use on our blog. They were sent to my email. And I wanted to see if I could add them straight from the email to this blog. ! I can !!

Now Judy is probably smacking her head, saying of course you can Sue but.....She doesn't understand all of this is a test for me. (computer stuff).

I believe she should have been the blogger ! There was no indication of where these photos were taken. And last week the group got together at Mary Anne's home because it rained. And I could not go, so where are the photos from that session ?

Come on girls..... Embed it in your minds - Must take photos..........How else will the world learn what a fantastic group of artists we are?

Happy Trails................