Thursday, June 28, 2012

Piano Project

Hi Friends,  I finally got my computer back last night !!  It had to be cleaned out and everything re-installed !  Thankfully I have a wonderful daughter that is really smart with computers and she fixes this sort of stuff for her Mommie.
Last meeting we DLPBR had was at 2nd Helpings to get started on the Piano Progect.
The top photo is a "before" shot so you can compare.
The second photo is Mary Anne starting with the sides.  Her famously sweet cow.
The third photo is a farther away shot to include all of the piano just before we stopped for the day.  You can't see it but behind MaryAnne & Linda we are all sitting at a long table, painting like crazy.  We sort of figured this is what a sweat shop must be like.  We under estimated how many singing critters we would need for this project.  So we all went home to paint a few more animals and we will meet there again on Wed. July 11th, so come by and see us in action and have a fab lunch from their cafe.  This week I had the Lobster Bisque and it was wonderful.  Everything is really great.

The reception for the "Piano Unveiling" is Sat. July 28th from 2 til 4.  They really know how to do a reception right.  You will have a great time.  Please stop by and say Hello.  DLPBR

Happy Trails.

PS - Go see my singing pigs at my blog

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