Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Plein-Aire Day at Carvins Cove

 Hey Friends,  We (the DLPBR gang) had a great day painting the beautiful Carvins Cove today.  Every day for the last week or so we have had thunderstorms in this area BUT not today.  We had beautiful weather all day - how cool is that?
 Here is Angela using acrylics to capture her view.  Her acrylics kept drying out on the palette but mine on a Masterson Stay-Wet Palette never dried.  It really does work!
 Here is a shot of Judy's and my little 6x8's.  Not a good picture at all but this is the camera that I dunked in Barbours Creek a couple weeks ago and it now has NO display.
 And today we celebrated Martha's birthday.  She got some cool artsy stuff to play with on her 22nd birthday.  Both of these women were art teachers in our public school systems for years.  And they are still sane enough to paint and bake bread !!!
As a last note, I wanted to show you Linda's little inventive mind created a neat system for storing her panels for transport.  This is a piece of cardboard with push pins in the corner and it fits into a box with others the same size.  A neat little system that I need to replicate if I want to work in oils.

The recepetion for the piano unveiling is this Saturday the 28th, from 2 til 4pm.  Hope you can stop by to see all our hard work and the lovely gallery.

Happy Trails

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