Thursday, August 30, 2012

Painting at Garst Mill Park

 We all had a good time this morning at Garst Mill.  The weather was fab.  Martha must have been comfortable in her nest above.  It appears she left in a hurry !  Danged squirrels......
 Bonnie is getting  the hang of her workshop with Lynn Gerenbach (sp!)  He's from the old Cape School of Color with Camille Prezwalksi !!!!  Ha-I really messed that up.
But that workshop really is showing up here in this new painting.  It's beautiful.
 Here Angela is utilizing my favorite way to paint.  Starting with a vibrant background/base color.  If you could see this in person you would love it.
 Some things will always be a mystery to me......such as why did the 2 photos above fuse together??  I did not do that, to the best of my knowledge.  Everyones work is on the table and Linda showing off her painting.  It's much better in person also.  Don't forget my camera got a good dunkin' in Barbours Creek a while back.  I had to adjust the exposure on a few of these pictures.
 Here's Bonnie lookin' like a whipped Puppy !  Her blood sugar is probably falling.
 More fused photos.  Sheila up top.  She can really stick with it for a long time.  I believe I'm ADD 'cuz I can't stay with any thing for long.  And I really thought I was going S L O W ....... but I painted 2 while everyone else painted one !!  And I didn't say mine were good.   This painting above was done by Mary Anne and I believe she said she had started it last week.  She did this w/water-soluable oils and again it's much better in person.
 Here's Judy's painting.  She also started with a bright ground.  Don't you think it just makes everything stand out or more interesting?   I'm pretty sure some people will say "Did you really see all those colors at Garst Mill Park?"  And Judy will have a good answer.

We are all working hard on getting work done for our Plein-Aire show coming up and we have an outdoor show in Lynchburg coming up soon., Sept 15th and Art on the Asphalt in DT Roanoke on Jefferson St. on Sept. 29th.   And Art on the Parkway is Oct. 13th & 14th.  And the UUC show is Nov 2nd & 3rd.   Whew.....   Sheez........  Better get back to work.

Happy Trails

Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Plein Air as inspiration for collage or even an abstract"

Today I'm filling in for Sue who was unable to join us at the Visitor Center at Explore Park off the Blue Ridge Parkway. We took a "break" from fields, mountains and lots of green today to focus on the historic buildings next to the visitor center.

Three of us chose the historic Brugh Tavern. (photo attached) I was drawn first by the beautiful neutral colors of the building as the siding was a neutral lilac and the shutters a wonderful neutral sage green. As I began to draw the tavern the spaces between the windows, roofs, door, benches, etc really began to capture all my attention.

I proceeded to do a detailed drawing with pencil and paper and discovered a wonderful rhythm as the amount of space between features was repeated. After finishing the drawing I copied it to the canvas.

And here is where I ran into "issues" as the color was not quite right and I mixed up some more and applied with a palette knife; it got muddy (instead of neutral). I wiped most of the paint off and stood back to see that the basic shapes were still there -- the very shapes that had really captured my attention in the drawing. (photo attached)

So even though I did not complete a plein air piece today, I came away with a drawing, color notes and lots of ideas on how to finish the work. I'm thinking about cutting out pieces of painted paper and creating a collage. I'm also thinking about highlighting the shapes and creating an abstract piece. Or I'm thinking about combining the two creating a mixed media work. The morning's activities led me into a very creative direction.

The moral of the morning..........even if you are not a realistic painter going out to work plein air can provide lots of inspiration to jump start your creativity to lead you in an unexpected art direction.

--- Judy

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beautiful Day at Green Hill Park

 Hey Friends,  Four of the gang painted this morning at Green Hill Park in Salem, Virginia.  Convenient for Bonnie and myself (Sue) since we live in Salem.  We paint all over the valley so some locations are convenient for some and not others.  It evens out.  So if our readers/fans have a beautiful spot they would like to see interpretted in paint, send us an email !
Above is my second start.  I'll post both starts on my blog.
 Here is Ms. Bonnie.  I should have gotten closer.  Actually I did but it was blurry.  No steady hands here.  Bonnie was proud of herself for being faster this time. 
 And here is Ms. Judy.  She painted with a palette knife.  Not so easy w/a knife.  A handsome piece, too.
 And here is Ms. Mary Anne working on her second piece.  Wonderful expressive work.  Notice her T-shirt.  Hopefully we will have our own soon.  We have talked about DLPBR shirts.
And here is an example of how we may frame and hang the little paintings for our show in October at Gallery 108 !  PLEIN AIRE INSPIRATIONS !!  Except we will use black foam core as the background in the painted frames.  I think the presentation of the little guys inside the bigger colored frames along with individual framed work will be great.  What do ya'll think?  Comments welcomed!
More info on the show will follow soon.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A MonoPrint Demo

Hey Friends,  A short note to tell you to click over to my blog,, if you have any interest in seeing a demo of Susan Egbert making a MonoPrint.  It's a fun way to paint.

Happy Trails

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun Painting at Jetter's Farm

 Hey Friends, Yesterday, the first day of August,  the Double Line painters worked at a local farm on Rt. 460 in SW Virginia.  Jetter's Farm raises the usual farm stuff and has a corn maze in the fall where some school children and dogs have disappeared forever.  Ha.
 Here is the talented Angela Shields working on her version of the Jetter barn.  All of these gals painted the Barn!  Is that because it's the biggest feature or did they feel safe in a group?
 Here is the talented Mary Anne Meador painting her version.  She is famous for hr cow paintings so surely she will add some bovines some where.
 Here is the talented Judy Lochbrunner.  The lefty of our group staying in the shade.
 Here is the talented Bonnie Mason scrubbing in her version.  She is slow but tenacious?
 Here is the talented Martha Lalka, who seems to be having a hard time deciding what to paint first.  She is using watercolor on a stretched WC Canvas and didn't like it at first but was getting along fine before it was all over.  I liked the look myself.
 Here is the talented Linda Schaar.  She worked in oil for this painting but also likes acrylic.  She is the one that proved to me the Masterson Stay-Wet Palette really works.
 And here is the easel of the talented Sue Furrow also trying to stay in the shade.  The tree kept moving, I mean the sun.  I bought this cheap easel at WalMart on a whim and it actually isn't half bad.  It's a Daler Rowney and worked just fine w/ a few adjustments.  I will post more photos of my progress on my blog, if you want to take a peek.
And finally a sad little shot of the separation anxiety these guys were feeling.  They seemed to want some company and didn't care if it was human or not.  Maybe the last time they saw their Mom, she was with a human - is that the association.

We, the DLPBR, will be showing and selling our plein-aire efforts at a special member show at Gallery 108 this October.  The opening reception will be Oct. 5th during Art by Night.  This is the monthly art crawl where all the galleries and business'in DownTown Roanoke will be open late.
Please put us on your calendar and come by to meet the artists and have some refreshments.

Happy Trails