Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beautiful Day at Green Hill Park

 Hey Friends,  Four of the gang painted this morning at Green Hill Park in Salem, Virginia.  Convenient for Bonnie and myself (Sue) since we live in Salem.  We paint all over the valley so some locations are convenient for some and not others.  It evens out.  So if our readers/fans have a beautiful spot they would like to see interpretted in paint, send us an email !
Above is my second start.  I'll post both starts on my blog.
 Here is Ms. Bonnie.  I should have gotten closer.  Actually I did but it was blurry.  No steady hands here.  Bonnie was proud of herself for being faster this time. 
 And here is Ms. Judy.  She painted with a palette knife.  Not so easy w/a knife.  A handsome piece, too.
 And here is Ms. Mary Anne working on her second piece.  Wonderful expressive work.  Notice her T-shirt.  Hopefully we will have our own soon.  We have talked about DLPBR shirts.
And here is an example of how we may frame and hang the little paintings for our show in October at Gallery 108 !  PLEIN AIRE INSPIRATIONS !!  Except we will use black foam core as the background in the painted frames.  I think the presentation of the little guys inside the bigger colored frames along with individual framed work will be great.  What do ya'll think?  Comments welcomed!
More info on the show will follow soon.

Happy Trails

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