Thursday, August 30, 2012

Painting at Garst Mill Park

 We all had a good time this morning at Garst Mill.  The weather was fab.  Martha must have been comfortable in her nest above.  It appears she left in a hurry !  Danged squirrels......
 Bonnie is getting  the hang of her workshop with Lynn Gerenbach (sp!)  He's from the old Cape School of Color with Camille Prezwalksi !!!!  Ha-I really messed that up.
But that workshop really is showing up here in this new painting.  It's beautiful.
 Here Angela is utilizing my favorite way to paint.  Starting with a vibrant background/base color.  If you could see this in person you would love it.
 Some things will always be a mystery to me......such as why did the 2 photos above fuse together??  I did not do that, to the best of my knowledge.  Everyones work is on the table and Linda showing off her painting.  It's much better in person also.  Don't forget my camera got a good dunkin' in Barbours Creek a while back.  I had to adjust the exposure on a few of these pictures.
 Here's Bonnie lookin' like a whipped Puppy !  Her blood sugar is probably falling.
 More fused photos.  Sheila up top.  She can really stick with it for a long time.  I believe I'm ADD 'cuz I can't stay with any thing for long.  And I really thought I was going S L O W ....... but I painted 2 while everyone else painted one !!  And I didn't say mine were good.   This painting above was done by Mary Anne and I believe she said she had started it last week.  She did this w/water-soluable oils and again it's much better in person.
 Here's Judy's painting.  She also started with a bright ground.  Don't you think it just makes everything stand out or more interesting?   I'm pretty sure some people will say "Did you really see all those colors at Garst Mill Park?"  And Judy will have a good answer.

We are all working hard on getting work done for our Plein-Aire show coming up and we have an outdoor show in Lynchburg coming up soon., Sept 15th and Art on the Asphalt in DT Roanoke on Jefferson St. on Sept. 29th.   And Art on the Parkway is Oct. 13th & 14th.  And the UUC show is Nov 2nd & 3rd.   Whew.....   Sheez........  Better get back to work.

Happy Trails

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