Friday, September 21, 2012

Preparing Canvas in the Open Air

Well this is not exactly "plein air" but it is painting outside. On these nice almost-fall-like days it is the perfect time to do messy work or gesso a large piece of canvas. Here I have been pouring and splattering paint letting the layers dry before adding the next round of color. There is also a large piece of canvas which has one coat of gesso on it. At least one more coat will be added later this afternoon. And I have included my "secret" helper; she waits until I turn my back to "sign" the art with her paw(s).

And please go see about the VIA magazine.!  We are famous!!

Happy Trails

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lynchburg Fine Arts Fest

Outdoor art shows are always at the mercy of the weather but our day at the Lynchburg Art Festival yesterday was dry. The wind came up just enough to blow down the umbrellas keeping the artists cooler (and protected from the sun). Sunscreen and hats were necessary. Friends and fellow artists came by to see the latest on what everyone has been painting. Some folks walked quietly along the fences just "processing" all the visual information without even noticing the artists, chairs, umbrellas or coolers just behind them. Others stopped to chat or ask a question. A few returned multiple times to look at a painting even taking information and promising to check a web site........walking off but still thinking. And a few buyers did come having a clear plan of what they wanted and where it was going to hang in their home. 
And I do believe all of us had a good day.  Friendship, beautiful weather and sales !   That's right, we had sales.  Lynchburg seems to be an art loving town.  This show is held on the grounds of E.C.Glass High School and they even have their own art collection.  How many schools do you know with their own art collection?
Anyway, that's Mary Anne up there, always a happy lady.  And she makes beautiful paintings too.
This is Judy and she wrote the introductory story up top.  She was extra successful with sales. The painting directly behind her right arm is my favorite.  It's a Moon !
Here's Bonnie with her happy face and Gorgeous work.  She is an excellent landscape painter.
And here is Linda, big hat and all.  SHE got a painting selected by the judge to go on the fence.!!  See the yellow flag?  I think it says something about fence.  They take these pieces to all  hang on same fence so the judge can  decide which gets a prize.  Did she get a prize?  Don't think so.  But it really is impressive to have THE judge stop and actually look at your work and pull one down.
 And that's me, Sue.  And no I'm to old to be pregnant.  It's an illusion.  My blouse caught the wind just right.  HaHa.  And I had a great day, great sales and went home tired but happy.  I love this Lynchburg show.  The attendance seemed down this year and I heard that a new festival of beer and wine was taking place at the Riverfront Park.  On the very same day.  How can the powers that be, allow this to happen???  Why can't "they" get their own day for this Fest?  Why do they have to mess with the art show?    OK - rant is over.
This is the famous Angela (school teacher) that went home real happy!  She sold a very special painting, done in memory of a special lady that died recently, to an artist from Lynchburg.  It will be hanging in this artist home for the "Home Tour" going on next week or so.
So next year, we need to talk Martha into doing this show with us.  And Midge too.  Then the entire Double Line Painters will be there.

Several of us will be participating in the "Art on the Asphalt" show coming up on Sept. 29th.  It will be held on Jefferson Street in downtown Roanoke.  Make plans to visit.  I understand (from watching TV) that people are already starting their holiday shopping.  And we DLPBR women all have some mini paintings that will make unique gifts. 

Happy Trails

Friday, September 7, 2012

Angela Shields

 Angela Sheilds sent some of her newest paintings so I think they should be featured on OUR blog.  If any other members send images I'll start putting them here too.  When this blog started I thought I should post photos of the trips we take as a group only.  It's a group blog.  BUT....a group is made of individuals and it will be impossible for the public to know us as individuals if the individuals are never seen outside of the group.   Whew......I can be long winded........sorry.
 So.   The top image was done at Carvins Cove, here in the mountains of SW Virginia.  And this image was done at Garst Mill Park which is close to Rt. 419.
This painting was done at the Jetter Farm on Rt. 460.  It's a thriving, working family farm.  They have tons of corn fields, hay fields, cows, dogs, a corn maze in the fall.   The Va. Farm Bureau had their annual picnic at this beautiful farm recently.

Angela has been a school teacher all her life and recently retired from that position to be a full time artist and Grandparent.  She and her hubby help sit their beautiful grandson.  She works part-time at Gallery 108 on the market in downtown Roanoke.  The ArtWalk or Crawl (we call it Art by Night) is tonight.  So please stop by 108 and see all the new works.  Angela is more famous for her figurative works and collages.  So you will be surprised.   Have a great weekend.!

Happy Trails