Friday, September 7, 2012

Angela Shields

 Angela Sheilds sent some of her newest paintings so I think they should be featured on OUR blog.  If any other members send images I'll start putting them here too.  When this blog started I thought I should post photos of the trips we take as a group only.  It's a group blog.  BUT....a group is made of individuals and it will be impossible for the public to know us as individuals if the individuals are never seen outside of the group.   Whew......I can be long winded........sorry.
 So.   The top image was done at Carvins Cove, here in the mountains of SW Virginia.  And this image was done at Garst Mill Park which is close to Rt. 419.
This painting was done at the Jetter Farm on Rt. 460.  It's a thriving, working family farm.  They have tons of corn fields, hay fields, cows, dogs, a corn maze in the fall.   The Va. Farm Bureau had their annual picnic at this beautiful farm recently.

Angela has been a school teacher all her life and recently retired from that position to be a full time artist and Grandparent.  She and her hubby help sit their beautiful grandson.  She works part-time at Gallery 108 on the market in downtown Roanoke.  The ArtWalk or Crawl (we call it Art by Night) is tonight.  So please stop by 108 and see all the new works.  Angela is more famous for her figurative works and collages.  So you will be surprised.   Have a great weekend.!

Happy Trails

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