Friday, September 21, 2012

Preparing Canvas in the Open Air

Well this is not exactly "plein air" but it is painting outside. On these nice almost-fall-like days it is the perfect time to do messy work or gesso a large piece of canvas. Here I have been pouring and splattering paint letting the layers dry before adding the next round of color. There is also a large piece of canvas which has one coat of gesso on it. At least one more coat will be added later this afternoon. And I have included my "secret" helper; she waits until I turn my back to "sign" the art with her paw(s).

And please go see about the VIA magazine.!  We are famous!!

Happy Trails


  1. Love your studio assistant. I'll bet you've painted him before.
    Looks like fun!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Cecelia. This is a fun way to start the creative juices flowing.
      Merry Christmas,Sue