Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the Turkey Blues

 Hey Friends,  Well the leftovers are eaten and the guests are all gone.  It must be sad to have the party over for puppy dogs but for artists it is GOOD to be back working
So it is time to enjoy some late November sunshine and go outside to do some splattering, pouring and dripping paint on some prepared papers.  Terrific fun it was !!  For you locals you know I'm a day late posting this, 'cuz now it's drizzling !!

Please visit again tomorrow.  I'll be posting about an event coming up soon in Salem, Virginia.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Friends !!  All the members of Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving ! 

Enjoy your time with family and friends and hope all of you get to sneak in a few minutes with a paintbrush !!

If you go out into the madness of "Black Friday" just be careful and keep your eyes on the road.

Happy Trails

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beautiful Day for the Sedalia Center

 Hello Friends,  We didn't see any of you at the Paint Out sponsored by the Sedalia center in Bedford, Va.  What a gorgeous ride and gorgeous weather for everyone involved.  Above is Judy Lochbrunner working on her first painting.  She started (almost finished) a second and why I didn't get a photo, I don't know.  I need to make myself a check list for future paint outs.  I don't want you to miss anything.
 This is Linda Scharr with her first piece and I missed her second piece too.  I'm slapping my forehead.  She and Mary Anne were working in oils and you should have seen the gnats stuck to their paintings !!   We thought the gnats liked the flavor of oils at first but then decided they just got stuck and couldn't get off.
 Mary Anne Meador was entertainment for a few fellas.  She painted one Big painting.  And it will be great once she scrapes all the gnats off.  (Actually she said they were coming off easily with a Q-tip)
 And here is me about to start on my second, pre-colored canvas.  This one is the fence row with the red tree you see there on the left.  It turned out OK .  I painted 4 starts.  I recently read that it's more important to get as many "starts" as possible when you go outside to paint.  Makes sense, you never know what might pop up weather wise.
Just had to show you a beautiful rock.  There are a bunch in Matt's Poem Garden.  It is beautiful.

We were really sorry Bonnie Mason couldn't join us.  She is suffering through a cold.

Happy Trails

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sedalia Center Paint Out in Bedford

Hey Friends,  A little reminder to come out to the Sedalia Center in Bedford, Va. this Saturday the 10th of Nov. 2012.  The Double Line Painters will be there along with others to plein aire paint this beautiful little spot in Bedford.
http://www.sedaliacenter.org/?q=/events/A-A_2012 Click on the centers website  to learn more.

As I understand it we will be painting guerrilla style.  We will have all our stuff and our paintings spread out around us on the ground on blankets or such.   Sounds like fun.

Bedford is also home to the National D-Day Foundation.

See you there.

Happy Trails!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Silver Linings Art by Night

 Hi Friends,  Just needed to let you all know that we, Double Line Painters, had a successful and fun show to open at Silver Linings last night.  The photo above shows the exterior entrance with some darling red patio furniture (actually looks more like beach cottage furniture).  You would love it !
 Here is a shot just inside the entrance with some of our work hanging on the wall and a panel.
Here is another panel.  Hoping you can see the festive glitzy gold fabric adorning the panel.  This was Judy's idea and her stitch witchery !  We all loved it. 
Silver Linings has a lot of gorgeous stuff for your home and it is all very reasonable in price, and I may be wrong BUT I think the ladies running the show can help with decorating and such.  Just ask Linda Coulter or Karen Patterson for their help.  They are open on Saturdays and by appointment.

Friday, November 2, 2012

New Shows for the Holidays

 Hey Friends,  We, the Double Line Painters, hung a new holiday show yesterday at the Salem Museum, which just happens to be on Main Street in Salem, Virginia !
 We all made mini's to hang on the tree and under it.  This tree is in the gift shop.
 The second floor houses the gallery and we all have 3-4 pieces hanging through the holidays.
 The museum has a wreath show every year and this year they will all be up on Nov. 16th.
So go by the museum after the 16th if you want to see the art and the wreaths in one visit.  But all the beautiful little miniatures on the tree may be gone.  They would make special little gifts for anyone on your   list !

We will give you the details, next post, on what is happening at SILVER LININGS  !!!!

Happy Trails