Saturday, November 3, 2012

Silver Linings Art by Night

 Hi Friends,  Just needed to let you all know that we, Double Line Painters, had a successful and fun show to open at Silver Linings last night.  The photo above shows the exterior entrance with some darling red patio furniture (actually looks more like beach cottage furniture).  You would love it !
 Here is a shot just inside the entrance with some of our work hanging on the wall and a panel.
Here is another panel.  Hoping you can see the festive glitzy gold fabric adorning the panel.  This was Judy's idea and her stitch witchery !  We all loved it. 
Silver Linings has a lot of gorgeous stuff for your home and it is all very reasonable in price, and I may be wrong BUT I think the ladies running the show can help with decorating and such.  Just ask Linda Coulter or Karen Patterson for their help.  They are open on Saturdays and by appointment.

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