Friday, December 21, 2012

Tooting our Horn

 Hey Friends,  We met last night at 2nd Helpings again for more collage work.  I was so engrossed in the process I totally forgot to take pictures !    So I thought it would be nice to just show you some of the paintings this wonderful group has SOLD in the last week.   Above is Judy Lochbrunner's collage she was working on last week at 2nd Helpings!  A sweet lady walked by and asked to buy it when Judy was finished.  So Judy delivered it last night !   These are the things artist dream about - Someone wants the piece before you are even finished ........
Here is a beauty Bonnie sold yesterday at Gallery 108 !  It's titled "Early Light" and I don't know who bought it but I know they made a wise choice. 

Mary Anne sold a piece at 2nd Helpings yesterday also but it got away before she took a photo.

Linda sold a piece last week at Gallery 108 of gorgeous white roses and pomegranates.  She is busy with the holidays and hasn't sent a photo yet.

So that's our news for tonight.  More info on the collage workshop date next post.

Happy Trails

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  1. Oh That's great!! Its looks really Refreshing and hope it will be sold for a huge sum of Price..!

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