Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blog Class held at 2nd Helpings

 Hey Friends,  The Double Line girls met this morning to create their very own blogs !!  We had a bit of trouble at first connecting to the Internet through 2nd Helpings wi-fi.  I don't have a laptop so I wasn't of much use .
 And we had the good luck of meeting Matt King , who is the PR man with the developmental division of the Rescue Mission here in Roanoke, Va.  We were real happy to meet the man that promotes our work through all of their advertisements/promotions.  Today he was specifically interested in our reception for our April Show, entitled "Mother Earth Awakens".
Bonnie didn't get her blog started (shame shame) but Linda, Judy and Mary Ann did !!  I will add them to the sidebar as I get their addresses.  It was fun and I think they were surprised how easy it was.  I want to add a Thank You to my oldest daughter, Angie, here 'cuz she taught me all I know about blogging originally.

Happy Trails

PS - It's the little tiny things that trip me up !  Like I can't figure out how to undo that bright magenta color on Mother Earth Awakens !   Duh.

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