Monday, January 14, 2013

Workshops with Powers and Brommer

 Hello Friends,  Last Thursday, the 10th, the DLP met at Midges Clubhouse on Smith Mountain Lake to discuss two workshops Midge had taken recently. (that's Midge in the very front)
She took workshops with Gerald Broomer and Alex Powers !  Lucky girl !  Unforuntely I was not there.  I really hated to miss anything Alex Powers had say, he is a favorite.  I should have had Judy do this post, she could pass along any secrets !!
Here is a photo of the goodies Midges husband, Dave sent us.!  He doesn't like to sell his defective pottery so he sends it family and friends.  Very kind of him to send us new still life matter.

We hung a small show in the Arts Council window in downtown Roanoke on Friday the 11th.
I post some photos tomorrow.

Happy Trails

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