Thursday, February 28, 2013

Event News

Hello Friends,  The image above is a poster for the upcoming Double Line Painters show to be held at Second Helpings Gallery in Roanoke, Va.   The show will be up the month of April.

The reception is April 13th, a Saturday, from 1 to 3pm.   We hope you will pencil this in your calendar of fun things to do in April.   2nd Helpings' receptions are always a great time.  And you will have first dibbs on some beautiful New art work celebrating Mother Earth.

We will remind you of this event later.  In the mean time, we are hanging new works at the 'CUPS' coffee shop in Grandin Village tomorrow, Friday the first day of March, in the afternoon.  Stop in for a good cup O'Joe and eye candy.

Happy Trails

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's Happening Today?

 Hello Friends,  The DLP had a fun filled day with a model today !  We met at Midge's Lake Clubhouse for our painting session.  Actually, we mostly photographed and sketched.  Mary Anne is the only one to paint.  Why didn't I get some shots of the sketches? ?   Why can't someone remind me to do these things?
 This is a parting shot.  They wanted some photos of our model (her name is Jessi) with an umbrella outside.  I can't wait to see what these artists create from these photos.
And here is another stage in the violin paint-up for the Roanoke Symphony !  This side was painted by Linda and I believe I understood that Bonnie is to do the other side.   And I have two chin rests to make over.

I just added Midge Ovenshire's blog to our blog roll, over there on the right side.  Go check it out, its beautiful.
And on another note, our local news channel, WDBJ 7, broadcast about the SPCA's annual Art Show, which will be hanging at the Taubman Museum in downtown Roanoke, starting tomorrow night.  Last year our very own Judith Lochbrunner won Best in Show  and also created a beautiful collage for the poster of this year.

Happy Trails

Sunday, February 10, 2013

History is Served

Hello Friends,  We, the Double Line Painters, have donated some of our artwork for a basket full of art to be auctioned for the History Museum here in Roanoke, in SW Virginia.
History is Served (name of event)
Hotel Roanoke, Crystal Ballroom
Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013
Noon - 3pm  Silent auction begins at noon
Luncheon & Program begin at 1pm
Hope you can make it to this event and support the History Museum.
Happy Trails

Friday, February 8, 2013

Other News

 Hey Friends,  This is the violins with a coat of Kilz on them.  Judy had this fun all by herself.
 This is the wonderful fun that Mary Anne had with one of them.  This photo is not close enough to see much so I'm hoping I get a chance to photograph them myself when they are finished.
 Above is the group painting still lifes at Midge's clubhouse on Smith Mountain Lake here in the South Western part of Virginia.   I had a great time and actually produced a painting I'm not ashamed of.
Mary Anne sent this photo of the painting she completed at home.   When I saw it at the session it was black and white.  I love it when I get photos to show you from our artists.
We are going to meet at the same place in 2 weeks for more still life painting.  I'm hoping to find some tulips to paint from.  Now go take a look at the painting I'm not ashamed of.  Click on the link to the right of Madd Weekly Painter.
Happy Trails.

Friday, February 1, 2013

DLP's First Workshop

 Hello Friends,  It has been almost a week since we, the DLP,  held our first ever workshop.  And I'm just now posting all these pretty pictures because I've had the flu!  I didn't feel very good at the workshop and then it got worse.   I was excited and happy about our 1st workshop but I just could not sit up long enough to post this.
 So to our participants I want to apologize, I know you wanted to see these photos.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and were happy with what they produced.
 Everyone wants us to plan another workshop.   A girl and her dog.
 Above a girl and her niece.
 Above workers building one of nests and one of the beach scene.
 This lady used real sand and glass marbles and shells.
 Above is Audrey's dog.
 We had 3 to 4 long tables set up in a row on the stage at 2nd Helpings in Roanoke, Va..  It was the perfect size for this workshop. 
Then everyone had lunch at the 2nd Helpings Cafe.  Which has fabulous food !  Daily soups too.   I had such a good time.  Makes me wish we could have a workshop every month.  All our participants want us to do another workshop soon.  
We will be back soon.

Happy Trails