Friday, February 1, 2013

DLP's First Workshop

 Hello Friends,  It has been almost a week since we, the DLP,  held our first ever workshop.  And I'm just now posting all these pretty pictures because I've had the flu!  I didn't feel very good at the workshop and then it got worse.   I was excited and happy about our 1st workshop but I just could not sit up long enough to post this.
 So to our participants I want to apologize, I know you wanted to see these photos.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and were happy with what they produced.
 Everyone wants us to plan another workshop.   A girl and her dog.
 Above a girl and her niece.
 Above workers building one of nests and one of the beach scene.
 This lady used real sand and glass marbles and shells.
 Above is Audrey's dog.
 We had 3 to 4 long tables set up in a row on the stage at 2nd Helpings in Roanoke, Va..  It was the perfect size for this workshop. 
Then everyone had lunch at the 2nd Helpings Cafe.  Which has fabulous food !  Daily soups too.   I had such a good time.  Makes me wish we could have a workshop every month.  All our participants want us to do another workshop soon.  
We will be back soon.

Happy Trails

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