Friday, February 8, 2013

Other News

 Hey Friends,  This is the violins with a coat of Kilz on them.  Judy had this fun all by herself.
 This is the wonderful fun that Mary Anne had with one of them.  This photo is not close enough to see much so I'm hoping I get a chance to photograph them myself when they are finished.
 Above is the group painting still lifes at Midge's clubhouse on Smith Mountain Lake here in the South Western part of Virginia.   I had a great time and actually produced a painting I'm not ashamed of.
Mary Anne sent this photo of the painting she completed at home.   When I saw it at the session it was black and white.  I love it when I get photos to show you from our artists.
We are going to meet at the same place in 2 weeks for more still life painting.  I'm hoping to find some tulips to paint from.  Now go take a look at the painting I'm not ashamed of.  Click on the link to the right of Madd Weekly Painter.
Happy Trails.

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