Saturday, March 9, 2013

Violins are ready to go

 Hey Friends, A sequence of photos from start to finish.  Obviously the very beginning above.
 Judy put the first coat of Kilz on both.
 Judy has finished the back side of this one above.
 Mary Anne has finished the front side of the same violin.
 Lazy Sue took the easy parts - the chin rests.  The one on the right looks like dots but it's actually musical note symbols.
Linda finished the back side of this violin.  And now I forget if Bonnie or Midge is finishing up the front side!?
Either way maybe by the time it's finished, I'll have the official info about when the Roanoke Symphony will open its new doors.
Here in the SW mountains of Virginia it is a gorgeous day....Sunny,warm,blue sky !!! Delicious.......Hope your day is a wonderful as ours.  Happy weekend.

Happy Trails

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