Friday, April 12, 2013

Reminder for the "Mother Earth Awakens" Show at 2nd Helpings

Finally ! ! !  I think I'm gonna be able to post this !!  I have been trying to post all week but comcast has been too freaky or unpredictable.  Above is a painting by Midge.
 This Painting is by Bonnie.
 The bottom painting is by Linda.
These are by Sue.
 These are by Mary Anne.
And this is by Judy.  And believe me it is much prettier in person.  My camera caused a glare.
The reason I've been trying to post all week is to remind you of our show opening and reception at 2nd Helpings tomorrow.   At 1pm 'til 3pm.
We hope you can visit and see our slide show and power point presentation !
It will be extra fun.

Happy Trails

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