Sunday, May 5, 2013

Art on the Porch

Hello Friends,  We had a grand day at Ikenberry's yesterday.  It was just a tad chilly, especially if you sat in their comfy rocking chairs too long.  What a wonderful place to sit and chat with your friends!
Above is Judy with any eye-catching display of the beautiful violin that will be up for auction with the monies supporting the Roanoke Symphony.
We have plans to do this art show at Ikenberry's a couple more times this year and plans are to support our local FFA (Future Farmers of America)  Judy is our sign maker and she does a bang up job.
We are really hoping this show catches on and people will love our art enough to support us and our efforts to support the FFA.   Our farmers need all the help we can give and our encouragement.
Ikenberry's grows a lot of beautiful flowers and vegetables and herbs.  Look at that basket above.!
Here is a shot just inside the door of one greenhouse.  There are too many beauties to list here.   We have plans to show again in July and October.  So spread the word and forward this message to all the farmers and art lovers and fruit lovers you can think of.    Have a wonderful Sunday.

Happy Trails

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