Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the Fabulous Blue Ridge Parkway

 Hello Friends,  A few photos from our short trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We started out at the Explore Park and you will have to look at their maps 'cuz I can't remember the MM.  It's very close to Roanoke, Va.
 First stop was at the Roanoke River Overlook.  At the actual overlook, there was nothing to see except the tree foliage and the STEEP path down to the river.  I can't stand looking down over the bridge to give you some perspective so thought maybe the photo at top of the girls on the bridge would work.  It's a massive bridge and several thousand feet from the floor !!
 Here is a shot of the local wildlife at the Great Valley Overlook.  If you are quiet you can get much closer.
 Hope you can read this sign.
And a little peek around the sign to see the Buena Vista.
We are all very busy at the moment, getting paintings finished up/dry, documented and ready to hang at a couple local shows.  I will post more info soon about the Roanoke Sidewalk Art Show sponsored by the Taubman Museum.   And the Sedalia Art Center in Bedford, Va.  Both on the same weekend, which is a real crik in the neck, 'cuz I'd love to do both !

Happy Trails

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