Sunday, June 2, 2013

Report on the One Day Show at Sedalia Center

 Hello Friends,  Above is the only photo Judy took at the Sedalia Center yesterday......She, Mary Anne, and Linda were so busy painting and chatting with all the visitors, they had NO time for photos for our blog.!
 So I'm reposting a few from last years event.  Judy, above and Linda, below were painting during the event.

And Mary Anne, above, was not painting, she was inside the art show with our art.  Promoting the Double Line Painters and the Artisan's trail (Mary Anne tried to explain this to me at the Roanoke show today but honestly I was preoccupied with other visitors and whether I should be packing and getting out of the storms way) so I will have to get more info from Mary Anne to pass along to you.   Mary Ann and Linda came DT Roanoke today gave rave reviews about the Sedalia Show.   I was on the fence about which to do, and could be on that fence again next year, BUT I don't think so.  Why would you do ALL that work of setting up that heavy tent, displays, etc etc, when you don't have to.  I know my age is throwing her two cents in here, but one day I must listen to her.

Update on Roanoke----A big weather event rolled through today about noon.   You never know how bad things will get or how fast.  I was talking with a nice young lady when it all started and she was upset 'cuz we were packing (the artists) so talking with her for just an extra 15 minutes, caused several paintings to get their back covers wet !!  Now I'll spend 2 days drying work and applying new covers and hanging all the display equipment and the tent top and panels out to dry.  You can't put that stuff away wet...MOLD!!
Anyway the organizers were disturbed 'cuz we were leaving but said they understood.  Right.
There was very little attendance Sat. and certainly none to speak of today!!  I'm really disappointed if you can't tell.  We have so few art venues in this area, so when Mother Nature shows up just to spoil your day, I can't help but be disappointed.
OK - Rant is over.  I'm to tired to fuss any more.  Hope all of our friends had a wonderful weekend and can make it to our reception next Friday at the Salem Museum.  I'll post details this week.
Happy Trails

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