Saturday, June 1, 2013

Report on the Taubman Museum's Sidewalk Art Show

 Hello Friends,  Just a quick report on the only big art show in Roanoke, Va.   Happens the weekend after Memorial day , usually June 1 & 2.   Above is Midge Ovenshire and her husband, Dave.  Midge paints and Dave makes fab pottery.  This year they were across from me !!  Nice to have a friend close by.
 Here is Bonnie, a traditional painter, and her Hubby, Randy.  They are sportin' an all new tent and display stuff !!  They were located all the way across the event from Me and Midge.  (Me and Midge....sounds like mice in a child's story book....) Anyway, I ran over there to get this photo and a delicious SNO-CONE.
 Here is my booth across street from Midge.  Traffic really off today and I hear there are several other events going on, such as a big ball game, a concert, and a "race for space".   So Hope everyone gets rested and comes to the art show on Sunday.
And here we have the Judge of art prizes and her assistant making the rounds early before the heat hit.  Her assistant on the right had to ask the booth owners to lift her up to put the little dots on their name tags after judging !!  Ha - what a HOOT.
Hoping to be able to give you a report on the Sedalia Event tomorrow !  Hope it was great-great!

Happy Trails

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