Thursday, July 18, 2013

Painting on the Parkway

 Hi Friends,  the DLP's finally made it to the Blue Ridge Parkway to paint today !  Everyone but Midge was able to go.  We have talked about it for a long time.   We were at the saddle or Buffalo Mtn. depending which way you looked.   Above Mary Anne and Judy were looking at Buffalo Mtn .and Bonnie below.

 Above Linda is painting the opposite view, the plateau.
We had quite a few cars roll through, some stopped to see the wonderful vista's, some went for a hike, a few stopped to look at the artworks.  The family above I told them to check our blog 'cuz they would be on it.
Everyone loved the trip and on our way home, we stopped in Floyd for ice cream cones and on Bent Mtn. for fresh veggies.   Hope we can do this again.
Happy Trails

Monday, July 15, 2013

What Do YOU Do with an Accident?

Hello Friends,  I think you will find it interesting to see what another artist does with an accident.!  I'll bet lots of us would just blow a fuse and beat the offending canvas to a shred.  Not Mary Anne, she took it to another level.  (She is perpetually optimistic and sees the good in everything).
So click on over to Mary Anne's blog, 1 Double Line Artist, and see what she did........And just in case you have not seen our entire blog, click on the main header above and when you are on our site, scroll down and you should see the links to our members blogs.  Please leave a comment if any links don't work.
Happy Trails

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Art at Ikenberry's

 Hey Friends,  We held another art show on the porch of Ikenberry's store on Rt. 220 in Botetourt today.  And we had a fabulous day !!........NO RAIN !! ........and it was cooler than usual.  And lots of people stopped to chat about our work.  Above I'm sketching and Bonnie is watercolor sketching.  Lovely !
 Above is just a shot with some art showing.  We had several sweet ladies stop and ask about our up-coming workshop.  On July 27th (Sat.) we are holding another collage workshop at 2nd Helpings Gallery on Williamson Rd. in Roanoke, Va. from 10am til 12 noon, then we break for a delicious lunch in their cafe.!
Above is Judy being a good little artist and painting a portrait of the old Ikenberry cabin, which was a main hub in this little community years ago.  A couple perusing the work before scooping up the peaches.
Call 2nd Helpings to register for the workshop @540-491-9405 and do it very soon, class size is limited to about 12, so you get lots of personal attention.
And subscribe to this blog so you will be the first to know what we will do next.  We have several ideas rolling around for other workshops and we always welcome new ideas.  You can tell us about them in the comments!!  Go Ahead, you have nothing to lose.  Hope to see you at the workshop.
Happy Trails

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ancient Cabin and Art Show

 Hello Friends,  Here in SW Virginia, we've had rain every day.  Some days so much rain causes flooding !
 We were supposed to be painting this cabin but we only took photos because we were afraid our easels would sink into the mud.  This old cabin is on the property of Ikenberry's orchards in Botetourt, Va.
We are setting up our art and easels again this Sat. morning at the Ikenberry store on Rt. 220.  The photo above was taken on the huge porch during our last art show at Ikenberrys.  This is just a reminder and we hope you can come by to chat on the porch and buy some art and peaches !!   We should be there 9:30 'til about 3.........unless the monsoons sweep in again and carry us away.

Happy Trails

Friday, July 5, 2013

Workshop Poster

Hello Friends,  Hope your 4th was memorable !  Above is a poster about our up-coming workshop being held at 2nd Helpings Gallery in Roanoke, Va.  This is our second collage workshop !!  Space is limited and the fee is almost non-existent.  You can afford to bring your favorite person or BFF or Boss !  The fee includes supplies AND lunch.
Hopefully you can see the phone number and address.
Just leave a comment or send an e-mail if you have questions.
See you soon.

Happy Trails

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

News Flash

 Hey Friends,  My computer was in the hospital for a few days and now I'm learning how to use the new stuff.  Like, I couldn't post on this blog using IE, I had to go to Google Chrome.  Mozilla is not on this computer yet, which is what I normally use.
 Any way, the news flash is.......TA DAH.........DLP is going to have a full page article in the Clutch Magazine (this is a local magazine about happenings in the area).  All thanks to Judy's persistence and patience and eloquent writing style.   We gathered on the patio at 2nd Helpings Gallery and Judy shot some photos showing a little of the process we will teach in our second mixed media collage workshop.
 Top photo shows the transfer of an image to contact paper.  The mid image shows some of the handmade papers, stamp and texture tools.  3rd image is a collage by Sue Furrow (me) just showing what a finished piece of artwork can look like.   This is a great way to preserve some of your favorite photos.  This workshop will be held on Sat. July 27th from 10am til 1pm.  Class size is very limited so call 2nd Helpings Gallery to sign up @540-491-9405.  The 3 photos above and the article Judy has written about this workshop is what the Clutch Magazine feature will be about.
 I also requested Midge show me how she does her watercolor batik paintings.  So she brought her equipment for encaustic painting with the wax and brushes and such.  I brought a pencil sketch on Masa Rice paper which she had me go over with a permanent pen so the hot wax wouldn't erase the sketch.
Here I'm applying the hot wax.  Then I crumpled the paper and applied some watercolor.  The WC sinks into the cracks and creates a batiky look.   My piece did not turn out so pretty but I wasn't expecting it to.  I still need to go over it with more paint and maybe more permanent ink.
  Bur all in all it was good fun and I learned that I need to practice and I just may like the old way of batiking.

DLP has a lot of wonderful things going on this year and we're anticipating a busy fall so I will keep you informed.  My brain is a wee bit addled at this moment (only from the computer) so I'll sign off.

Happy Trails