Tuesday, July 2, 2013

News Flash

 Hey Friends,  My computer was in the hospital for a few days and now I'm learning how to use the new stuff.  Like, I couldn't post on this blog using IE, I had to go to Google Chrome.  Mozilla is not on this computer yet, which is what I normally use.
 Any way, the news flash is.......TA DAH.........DLP is going to have a full page article in the Clutch Magazine (this is a local magazine about happenings in the area).  All thanks to Judy's persistence and patience and eloquent writing style.   We gathered on the patio at 2nd Helpings Gallery and Judy shot some photos showing a little of the process we will teach in our second mixed media collage workshop.
 Top photo shows the transfer of an image to contact paper.  The mid image shows some of the handmade papers, stamp and texture tools.  3rd image is a collage by Sue Furrow (me) just showing what a finished piece of artwork can look like.   This is a great way to preserve some of your favorite photos.  This workshop will be held on Sat. July 27th from 10am til 1pm.  Class size is very limited so call 2nd Helpings Gallery to sign up @540-491-9405.  The 3 photos above and the article Judy has written about this workshop is what the Clutch Magazine feature will be about.
 I also requested Midge show me how she does her watercolor batik paintings.  So she brought her equipment for encaustic painting with the wax and brushes and such.  I brought a pencil sketch on Masa Rice paper which she had me go over with a permanent pen so the hot wax wouldn't erase the sketch.
Here I'm applying the hot wax.  Then I crumpled the paper and applied some watercolor.  The WC sinks into the cracks and creates a batiky look.   My piece did not turn out so pretty but I wasn't expecting it to.  I still need to go over it with more paint and maybe more permanent ink.
  Bur all in all it was good fun and I learned that I need to practice and I just may like the old way of batiking.

DLP has a lot of wonderful things going on this year and we're anticipating a busy fall so I will keep you informed.  My brain is a wee bit addled at this moment (only from the computer) so I'll sign off.

Happy Trails

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