Thursday, July 18, 2013

Painting on the Parkway

 Hi Friends,  the DLP's finally made it to the Blue Ridge Parkway to paint today !  Everyone but Midge was able to go.  We have talked about it for a long time.   We were at the saddle or Buffalo Mtn. depending which way you looked.   Above Mary Anne and Judy were looking at Buffalo Mtn .and Bonnie below.

 Above Linda is painting the opposite view, the plateau.
We had quite a few cars roll through, some stopped to see the wonderful vista's, some went for a hike, a few stopped to look at the artworks.  The family above I told them to check our blog 'cuz they would be on it.
Everyone loved the trip and on our way home, we stopped in Floyd for ice cream cones and on Bent Mtn. for fresh veggies.   Hope we can do this again.
Happy Trails

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