Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's new - What's next?

 Hello Friends,  Sorry to be so long between posts.  I've had a lot of issues with this 'puter and now have the new Windows 8 and new mouse.  It has taken a while to figure my way around just the places I need to use such as this blog.  Some new features make NO sense, but that's called Progress!
 We artists went to a local park, Wasena, along the Roanoke River and the new greenway, to do some paint slinging.  It is basically getting a start or spark on canvas or paper so you're not starring at a white canvas.  Top photo, Judy is holding a bucket of instruments or tools to make marks.  The photo above is just a shot to convey the space we were working in.  We spread out drop cloths so we don't leave the grass too colorful.  It is FUN.
 Here Linda is playing with a pad of canvas textured paper.  A lot of Blue there on the right.
  •  These canvas' have lavenders and yellows splashed and dripped .
 Mary Anne was in the mood to paint her surroundings instead of throwing paint.  This is another beautiful spot in the SW Virginia Mountains.  It's so easy to find inspiration here.
A peek at our latest postcard promoting two of our biggest shows coming up in October.  The way time is flying past me, means these shows will be here in a couple of days !!  Our summer is almost gone and most of us are too wimpy for Plein-Aire painting in the winter.  But you can be sure we will be working like little Santa elves in our studios.
I will post more reminders of these upcoming exhibits before October.

We should be getting postcards for the "Lynchburg Art Fest" at EC Glass High School this week, so I will post that as soon as I get them so you can find your way to one of our MOST favorite festivals.
Happy Trails

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