Thursday, October 31, 2013

Photo References in Bedford

 Hello Friends,  Three of the DLP group were in Bedford, Va. today, looking for barns.  The older , historic type barns.  We did find a few and at one barn, a lady came home and invited us to come onto the property and photograph.  How nice was that?  She has a Cross Back donkey (above) which has a dark cross on his back, like the one Jesus rode, she told us.
 This is one of her sheds for the donkey.  He is very loud too, when he brays.
 Here are her cows.  They were very friendly and came when I called them, like they were dogs.
The chickens were on a different farm.  The home here is a beautiful stone cottage, just like I've always wanted.  They had probably 40 birds, a couple cats and an old sleepy dog.  I took 298 photos today, don't know how many Judy & Mary Anne got.  I don't think they are as trigger happy as I am.
I got a bunch of Tree photos.  There are some beauties out here.  Beautiful shades of orange and burnt red.  Since I'm an artist, I couldn't help but figure out what colors I'd have to mix to get these colors in the trees.  Indian Yellow and Quin. Red kept coming to mind.
We hope you folks have had a chance to get outside and enjoy the cool air and beautiful skies with all the brilliant trees. 
Happy Trails

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Praise from the Sedalia Center Director

Hello Friends,  This morning some of the DLP met at Mill Mtn Coffee & Tea in Salem, Va.  Some of us are out of town but the show went on.   We were just discussing where to meet for more plein-aire painting and website options, etc.  Yeah, every now and then we act like we are professionals and make plans !!   Several exciting things coming up.  
But we wanted to share with you, all the praise bestowed on the DLP by the Director of the Sedalia Center in Bedford, Va., Doris McCabe.  This workshop was presented to DLP at the very last minute, so Judy and Mary Anne were the only ones that were free to instruct the class.  And evidently it went very well.   Read her letter below.  I copied and pasted, so it's a tad blurry.

Praise for our workshop at the Sedalia Center

It is certainly nice to receive praise and appreciation for our workshops but it is especially rewarding to receive a letter from the Director, Doris McCabe, stating how well our workshop was organized, executed, and received by the Bedford art teachers in attendance at the Sedalia Center.  

This is an edited re post.  Hoping you can read it now.  Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend.
Happy Trails

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plein-Aire Painting - in the Rain !

 Hello Friends,  We finally got back out there today.  We have been so busy with painting and hanging new work at Goose Creek Gallery and the Lynchburg Art Club and Ikenberry's, that we haven't had much time for fun together.  We met at a favorite little park in Salem this morning and it was drizzling enough to make us get under the shelter.
 We all had great views.  This is my second "start" as Brian Buckrell calls them.  We decided I need to try black canvas next time.
 Bonnie was working much bigger than me and of course a lot more pleasantly or naturally.
 Linda chose the painful task of a red caboose. I would not attempt this but she has a really good start.
 Mary Anne was smart and came with a canvas already toned with blues and purples.  Makes it easier if your canvas is not white.  And she finished hers except for the people.
     Judy brought the view a bit closer.   I'll bet she makes changes, maybe a dog walker?  Nothing is ever finished, even when you deem it DONE, you can continue a month or a year later.
We had a lovely day with our painting buddies.  And plan to do it again next week.  Til then......
Happy Trails

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Workshop for the Bedford County Art Teachers

 Hello Friends,  Yesterday, Columbus Day, Judy and Mary Anne led a workshop at the Sedalia Center in Bedford, Va.   I pasted Judy's words below, thinking you could better understand what happened since she was there!  I really hated missing this workshop but that's life.

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We had a great day with the Bedford County Art Teachers.  The morning began by creating painted papers.  All the teachers painted sheets of deli paper, newspaper, pages from old books and drawing paper using acrylic paint.  Patterns were added to the papers with stencils, stamps, bubblewrap, netting, and many other assorted items (easily found around the home).

As the papers were drying, the next step was to make photo transfers using clear contact paper and copies of photos  made on a commercial (toner-based) copier.   After the image was pressed into the adhesive side of the contact paper, the paper backing was gently removed with a little sandpaper and lots of water.

The final step was to create the collage by first using some of the painted papers in a pleasing arrangement.  After the arrangement was set the papers were glued in place with acrylic gel.  A wash of paint was added over top if needed and then photo transfers were glued on also using acrylic gel.  A final coat of gel finished the collages.

The time breezed with  many good ideas for the classroom shared, making it a successful day for all.  Mary Anne and myself picked up many ideas ourselves.

Many thanks to the Sedalia Center for hosting this day.  

 Doesn't this look like fun?   These workshops are very inspiring and tons of fun !  Subscribe to our blog and you will know when the next workshop is happening.   We have a couple already in the works and will be announced before long.    Have a great week.
Happy Trails

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Double or Nothing Reception...and....Autumn at Ikenberry Orchards

 Hello Friends,  Friday night at Goose Creek Gallery was the reception for the Double or Nothing Show.   We all had a wonderful time and caught up with friends we hadn't seen in a while.
 Patrick and Mitchell are wonderful hosts.  Maybe you can see it in our faces.  Thank you guys.

Today, Saturday,  some of the DLP women were doing our last exhibition at Ikenberry's Orchards on Rt.220.   We set up our work on their fabulous and spacious giant porch.  And we paint, too.
We  thoroughly enjoy our time spent here.  We get to talk with so many wonderful locals.
 Mary Anne made a couple of pastels of the still life right in front of her. (above)
 Judy painted a very textured and interesting still life as well.  She was using gouche on Venetian plaster.!
And Sue was all the way at the other end painting the view across the valley in oils.
Loved it and ate the delicious Mutsu apples.  Brought some home too.
Hoping we are invited back soon.  Thank you Gwen.

Happy Trails

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Visit with Us at Goose Creek Gallery and Ikenberry Orchard and Art on Parkway this weekend

 Hello Friends,  Just a gentle reminder of the reception at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Va.   It starts at 5, ends at 8, tomorrow evening, Friday the 11th of October, 2013.  Please join us.
 Judy sent these vivid photos of the IKENBERRY retail shop on Rt. 220.  On my computer the orange really jumps off the screen.
 We will be here at Ikenberry's on this fabulous porch this Saturday.  We will have some of our work on display for sale.  Think ahead for original, one of a kind gifts for Christmas this year.  We will be painting on site as well.  The weather channel seems to think we will have a glorious day.  AND  .... And don't forget that our efforts here at Ikenberry  also help the local FAA.  We donate part of the proceeds to the FAA (Future Farmers of America) at Lord Botetourt High School.  A very worthy cause.
 The Double Line Painters will be there from about 9 until 3ish.  Please stop to chat before shopping for your apples and pumpkins.  This will be our last plein-aire event here at Ikenberrys for this year. We hope to be back next spring in 2014.

Also of note, Bonnie will be participating in "Art on the Parkway" again this year.  This is a link to facebook but you should be able to find directions here.  It is sponsored by the Floyd Artists Assoc.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coming This Friday Evening !

Hello Friends, I thought you might enjoy a peek at the new show hanging at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Va.  This show is about diptychs, triptychs, and Quads.
Above is by Bonnie Mason from Salem, Va.
Above is the quadtripych by Judy Lochbrunner from Botetourt County, Va.
Above is by Linda Schaar from Salem, Va.
Above is half of the diptych by Mary Anne Meador from Roanoke County.
Above is by Sue Furrow from Salem, Va.
Above is by Midge Ovenshire from Moneta or Smith Mountain Lake, Va.
As you can see, we are a diverse little group of artists.  We enjoy each others company and share a love for painting, Plein-Aire or in the studio.
We love our collectors too and hope you will come to Goose Creek to chat and talk about our latest inspirations.
Happy Trails

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Reception at Lynchburg Art Club, the Town and Country Show

 Hello Dear Friends,  We had lots of people come out to visit us last night at the Lynchburg Art Club reception.  But we still missed YOU.  The show is hanging until the 20th so maybe you will still get by there.  It was hung so expertly by Patty Powers and I took a couple photos of Patty but every one was dark (or her eyes were closed) so I'm sorry I can't show you this wonderful gal.  Just know we appreciated your work and the enthusiasm of your members at LAC.  All were a treat.
 Midge is explaining her work to some visitors.  The large piece is a watercolor.
 Mary Anne and a new collector friend above.  This lady (Sorry I didn't have enough sense to write her name down) bought the painting behind Mary Anne, with the blue corner showing.  Smiles!
And the Publisher/Editor of "Clutch Magazine", Jennifer Prince, even came by to see us !!  She is holding the magazine that has the article about DLP's collage classes.  Judy is excellent at putting these articles together and we were all proud to be included in this magazine.

A great evening in Lynchburg was had by all.  We are proud to have this show at such a friendly, enthusiastic Club.  Hopefully they will invite us back.

Hoping all of you have a fab weekend and make it outside to see the beautiful landscapes of South West Virginia.  Maybe with a paint box or camera  in hand.
Happy Trails

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Good Time at 2nd Helpings Gallery

 Hello Friends,  This morning the DLP's, had the pleasure of presenting a program about scrapbooking on steroids !  This was the first part of 4 programs to be presented at the Rescue Mission's 2nd Helpings Gallery on Williamson Rd. close to DT Roanoke, Va.
 We have had workshops here (2nd Helpings) about collaging memorabilia into a work of art.  Above is a good example from Midge Ovenshire, using an old family photo, and making it beautiful.
 Judy did the same thing here with the photo of a cousin and her uncles old truck grill, above.  She used a lazered copy of  photos and painted papers and stencils and acrylic paint.
 Here the staff is setting up the slideshow that Judy has put together so beautifully.
 Here Midge is introducing what we do to the crowd and there were a bunch !
 Mary Anne is going into more detail about our collage workshops.  So you really should sign up/subscribe to this blog to receive up to date info about our next workshop.
 Here tickets are being drawn from a bag for several nice door prizes.
And we want to remind everyone to please come to our Group shows at the Lynchburg Art Club. this Friday, day after tomorrow.  The Gallery is on Rivermont Ave. in Lynchburg.  The reception is Friday, Oct. 4th, starting at 5pm.  Have a safe trip and chat with you there.
Happy Trails