Saturday, October 12, 2013

Double or Nothing Reception...and....Autumn at Ikenberry Orchards

 Hello Friends,  Friday night at Goose Creek Gallery was the reception for the Double or Nothing Show.   We all had a wonderful time and caught up with friends we hadn't seen in a while.
 Patrick and Mitchell are wonderful hosts.  Maybe you can see it in our faces.  Thank you guys.

Today, Saturday,  some of the DLP women were doing our last exhibition at Ikenberry's Orchards on Rt.220.   We set up our work on their fabulous and spacious giant porch.  And we paint, too.
We  thoroughly enjoy our time spent here.  We get to talk with so many wonderful locals.
 Mary Anne made a couple of pastels of the still life right in front of her. (above)
 Judy painted a very textured and interesting still life as well.  She was using gouche on Venetian plaster.!
And Sue was all the way at the other end painting the view across the valley in oils.
Loved it and ate the delicious Mutsu apples.  Brought some home too.
Hoping we are invited back soon.  Thank you Gwen.

Happy Trails


  1. Fun and talented group of painters! Really nice show at Goose Creek. We enjoyed seeing it .. And you :-)

  2. Thanks Shelley. Always enjoy your company !