Thursday, October 31, 2013

Photo References in Bedford

 Hello Friends,  Three of the DLP group were in Bedford, Va. today, looking for barns.  The older , historic type barns.  We did find a few and at one barn, a lady came home and invited us to come onto the property and photograph.  How nice was that?  She has a Cross Back donkey (above) which has a dark cross on his back, like the one Jesus rode, she told us.
 This is one of her sheds for the donkey.  He is very loud too, when he brays.
 Here are her cows.  They were very friendly and came when I called them, like they were dogs.
The chickens were on a different farm.  The home here is a beautiful stone cottage, just like I've always wanted.  They had probably 40 birds, a couple cats and an old sleepy dog.  I took 298 photos today, don't know how many Judy & Mary Anne got.  I don't think they are as trigger happy as I am.
I got a bunch of Tree photos.  There are some beauties out here.  Beautiful shades of orange and burnt red.  Since I'm an artist, I couldn't help but figure out what colors I'd have to mix to get these colors in the trees.  Indian Yellow and Quin. Red kept coming to mind.
We hope you folks have had a chance to get outside and enjoy the cool air and beautiful skies with all the brilliant trees. 
Happy Trails

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