Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plein-Aire Painting - in the Rain !

 Hello Friends,  We finally got back out there today.  We have been so busy with painting and hanging new work at Goose Creek Gallery and the Lynchburg Art Club and Ikenberry's, that we haven't had much time for fun together.  We met at a favorite little park in Salem this morning and it was drizzling enough to make us get under the shelter.
 We all had great views.  This is my second "start" as Brian Buckrell calls them.  We decided I need to try black canvas next time.
 Bonnie was working much bigger than me and of course a lot more pleasantly or naturally.
 Linda chose the painful task of a red caboose. I would not attempt this but she has a really good start.
 Mary Anne was smart and came with a canvas already toned with blues and purples.  Makes it easier if your canvas is not white.  And she finished hers except for the people.
     Judy brought the view a bit closer.   I'll bet she makes changes, maybe a dog walker?  Nothing is ever finished, even when you deem it DONE, you can continue a month or a year later.
We had a lovely day with our painting buddies.  And plan to do it again next week.  Til then......
Happy Trails


  1. You do a fantastic job with this blog, Sue. It looks great!

  2. Thank You Dear Sweet Bonnie. No one else leaves kind comments.