Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Workshop for the Bedford County Art Teachers

 Hello Friends,  Yesterday, Columbus Day, Judy and Mary Anne led a workshop at the Sedalia Center in Bedford, Va.   I pasted Judy's words below, thinking you could better understand what happened since she was there!  I really hated missing this workshop but that's life.

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We had a great day with the Bedford County Art Teachers.  The morning began by creating painted papers.  All the teachers painted sheets of deli paper, newspaper, pages from old books and drawing paper using acrylic paint.  Patterns were added to the papers with stencils, stamps, bubblewrap, netting, and many other assorted items (easily found around the home).

As the papers were drying, the next step was to make photo transfers using clear contact paper and copies of photos  made on a commercial (toner-based) copier.   After the image was pressed into the adhesive side of the contact paper, the paper backing was gently removed with a little sandpaper and lots of water.

The final step was to create the collage by first using some of the painted papers in a pleasing arrangement.  After the arrangement was set the papers were glued in place with acrylic gel.  A wash of paint was added over top if needed and then photo transfers were glued on also using acrylic gel.  A final coat of gel finished the collages.

The time breezed with  many good ideas for the classroom shared, making it a successful day for all.  Mary Anne and myself picked up many ideas ourselves.

Many thanks to the Sedalia Center for hosting this day.  

 Doesn't this look like fun?   These workshops are very inspiring and tons of fun !  Subscribe to our blog and you will know when the next workshop is happening.   We have a couple already in the works and will be announced before long.    Have a great week.
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