Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wishing All a Wonderful Thanksgiving

 This Thanksgiving the Double Line Painters are thankful for:
 Good friends and fellow artists in our group
New and old acquaintances that we have met at our art events

Beautiful vistas that continue to inspire us to paint
 The many places we have exhibited our art
And the opportunity to continue to share our art with you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Plein-Aire at RR Donnelly - Individual Close Ups

 Above painted by Judith Lochbrunner.  Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, 6x12 $48.00
 Above painted by Mary Ann Meador.  Pastels on paper and framed.  $225.00

Above painted by Bonnie Mason.   Oils on 6x12 Framed $120.00  Unframed $100.00
 Above painted by Sue Furrow.  Oils on 9x12 canvas panel.  $110.00 unframed.
 Above painted by Sue Furrow.  Oils on 6x6 canvas panel.  $49.00 unframed.
Above painted by Sue Furrow.  Oils on a mini canvas 3x6 wrapped canvas ( no frame needed) $30.00

For further information, email to  or
Have a wonderful week

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Painting the Beauty surrounding RR Donnelly in Salem, VA.

 Hello Friends,  We had a fantastic, fun day painting the scenery here in Salem, Va. today.  RR Donnelly was kind enough to let us set up on their gorgeous little neck of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are located in a techy park right off I81 and between Salem and Dixie Caverns.
The views are beautiful and luckily the building lets the employees enjoy all of it.  Above is the view straight out of their front door.  Sue painted this 9x12 in oils.
 Here is a shot of everybody (except the photographer) as they are getting set up.

 First on the left is Mary Anne.  She is brave enough to be using pastels!  It was very windy today.
 Linda is getting a good start with her oils on about a 9x12.
 Bonnie told me she is using the "Zorn" palette and it looks to be about 9x12 also.
 Judy is using her acrylics today on something like a 6 x 12.
 Another shot of Judy and Bonnie with the beautiful mountains.  Somewhere over to the right is a  hiking trail and we want to venture out that way in the spring for more painting pleasures.
 Above is a view of the mountains behind the building on a 3 x 6 with the red tree included.
 Here is Bonnie's at the finish.  She was happy with how it turned out using the Zorn palette.
 Here is Mary Anne's at the finish of painting session.  She and most all of us will probably add a few flourishes after studying them a while.
Here is Sue getting on with the hard work in spite of the wind blowing her palette away and getting oil paint on the grass which she stepped in and got all over her shoe.  The life of an artist is tuff at times but one we can't give up.
We want to thank Mr. Searles at RR Donnelly for allowing us to paint their beautiful property .  We would love to go back again this spring..

Happy Trails

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Two New Shows

 Hello Dear Friends,  We had a fun, full day hanging two shows today !  We hung a lot of work this morning at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke, Va.  We invited Bud Shaw (above on the ladder) and Susan Bradbury (below in blue shirt) and Martha Rhoades (no photo).
 The paintings are hanging on the second and third floors and will be there through the end of December.  They can be purchased through the Jefferson Center office on the first floor.  You can find out more about the Jefferson Center by clicking  here.
 Then we had a great lunch at Fork in the City and then on to the Salem Museum to hang art in the Ritter Room on the second floor.  This time of year is when they start decking the halls !  The photo above is a main room on the ground floor where they hang the wreathes to be auctioned on December  8th.  You can click here to find out more about the Salem Museum.
 Here most everything is hung and we're winding down.  The museum has a gift shop with a Christmas tree and we're invited to hang small paintings on it. (below)
But I love this photo of Bonnie hanging stuff on it.  I told her she almost looks like a ghost, that has been startled while looking close at a painting!
We hope you and your family have a chance to visit these locations and find a unique, OOAK gift.

Happy Trails