Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beautiful Trip to Apple Ridge Farm Camp

 Hello Friends,  We went to the "Apple Ridge Farm Camp" in Copper Hill, off Rt. 221, Tuesday.  It has been crazy busy here so I'm just getting around to posting about this spectacular piece of heaven.
And you really do think, Maybe this is what heaven could be like.  Look at those fabulous logs, covered in a gorgeous green moss !  It's a perfect still life.
 Here Bonnie and Janice are looking up at the heavenly view of Rhododendrons.  They are everywhere.  Can't wait to see them bloom.
 Just one little stream or spring on this property
 I don't remember what this equipment was called, probably something to cut/gather hay.  That is a pond way in the back.
 This is one of Peter Lewis' obsessions or he calls it a joy.  Collecting stuff.  He has more than 2 buildings full.  You should see all the antiques.  His place may be featured on American Pickers or Black Dog Salvage.
This day was beautiful with sunshine and puffy clouds.  Still a wee bit chilly.  Peter's farm is dedicated to helping and advancing the children in this area.  Please look at their website and see all they do.  You can even help.
Double Line Painters and Apple Ridge are pondering the possibilities of a plein-aire event here in the future.  We will keep you informed.

Hope each and everyone of you have a great holiday.
Sincerely, the DLP

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