Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fabulous "Making Memories Workshop"

 Hello Friends, We had a fun, wonderful workshop for a group of ladies here in Salem, Va. yesterday, that was Saturday(sometimes Blogger doesn't publish posts until next day so I didn't want to confuse you.
 The workshop was held at Bonnie's house, she has a huge dining room as you can see.  All 5 ladies showed up with photos and plans and memories and ready to get it all down.  They all completed their artwork and varnished it before they left !  They were a great group to work with.
It helps so much to have an idea of what you would like to see on your canvas before hand.  We don't mean every detail because you have to be flexible with collage.
 The two photos above are a good example.  She had great copies of her photos to work on and was flexible about what to put where and the patterned papers.  Her finish was really good, I don't know why I don't have a photo of that.

 This was a sweet sentiment.  She gathered several photos from their wedding and announcements.
 This was the most adorable of the little rubber boots and it came together so well.
 See the boot photo along with the babes.  That's Judy's hands helping mix a color to soften photo edges.  They used a stencil in the middle.  Looked great.
This lady brought in photos of her new baby born at home and I think her first child.  This came together really well too.
This sweet lady brought in military photos and copies of his medals to put on the canvas, so she could keep the real thing safely hidden away.  This is not a good photo, because when she varnished the final piece the sheen was more even.  There was not any shiny glares as in my photo.

We all had a great time, enjoyed the company and shared refreshments before closing up.                   We (the DLP's) would love to help you put together a workshop of your own.
There are a couple of options, not just Memory Collages.  We are always coming up with new techniques and interests.  These workshops are very affordable and a great way for a group of friends to share time with each other.
Shoot us an email anytime you would like more information.  And go to our new website,  DLP.FineArt (sorry folks, blogger is being cantankerous tonight-you will need to click on the HiLighted link below) to sign up for our newsletter.  There will be new info on workshops scheduled at various facilities in our area.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails DLP.FineArt

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Workshop with Martha Rhodes

 Hello Friends,  Today we had a great time with Martha Rhodes at Midge's Club House on Smith Mountain Lake, here in SW Virginia.  
 Martha was an art teacher in her earlier life.  Now she takes workshops from famous art teachers and plays with acrylic gels and paints all day.  Lucky for us, she was generous enough to share the stuff she has learned with us.  And it was plenty.  That is Martha above in the pink vest.
 Below is a page out of a National Geographic magazine that was coated with Citrasolv and allowed to dry.  The cirtrsolv eats into the soy based ink and moves it around, making all kinds of textures and runs.  Then when it is dry, you spray with a low odor fixative such as the Blair spray pictured above.
The page above looks like it ws a bird, but the cirtrsolv has made the ink run, so now you have some pretty textured papers to glue down on your collage.  Playing with all this stuff is so o o much fun!

And we are getting together again next month to put some of this new knowledge onto canvases !
Wish you could join us.
Happy Trails

Friday, January 10, 2014

Salem Terrace Harrogate Collage Demo Scheduled

 Hello Friends, Please scroll down the sidebar of blogs to Salem Terrace and you should find some info about the collage demonstration we painters are going to present in the Internet Café at the Salem Terrace on February 19th at 2pm.  Or you can click on our new website there at the top right.

I posted two examples of our collages here for your perusal.  It is necessary to register and save a spot because their Internet Café is not very large.  Call them at 444-0343 today. 
Happy Trails

Friday, January 3, 2014

Jefferson Center Gave Us Good Sales to Finish Off the Year

Hello Frends, Showing you 3 of the paintings that sold last month at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke, Va.   Above is by Bonnie Mason and you can click on her name over on the right to see more of her work in oils.

This one is by Linda Schaar.  Some one added this to their collection or maybe it was a gift. for someone else this Christmas.

This one is by Mary Anne Meador, who also sold another but didn't get a photo of it.  Bud Shaw sold one or two pieces of stained glass.  I believe Martha Rhoades sold one and Susan Bradbury also.
All in all it was a good show and we have been invited back this year.  So mark you calenders to come out to the Jefferson Center this coming winter to see all the beautiful paintings that would make wonderful, one of a kind gifts. 
Judy will be composing a newsletter from our website soon (this month) so go over to our new website and sign up to get this letter to keep up with "the Double Line Painters".  We will be in more places than ever and plan on more workshops than ever.  And it's ALL fun !
Happy Trails