Thursday, January 16, 2014

Workshop with Martha Rhodes

 Hello Friends,  Today we had a great time with Martha Rhodes at Midge's Club House on Smith Mountain Lake, here in SW Virginia.  
 Martha was an art teacher in her earlier life.  Now she takes workshops from famous art teachers and plays with acrylic gels and paints all day.  Lucky for us, she was generous enough to share the stuff she has learned with us.  And it was plenty.  That is Martha above in the pink vest.
 Below is a page out of a National Geographic magazine that was coated with Citrasolv and allowed to dry.  The cirtrsolv eats into the soy based ink and moves it around, making all kinds of textures and runs.  Then when it is dry, you spray with a low odor fixative such as the Blair spray pictured above.
The page above looks like it ws a bird, but the cirtrsolv has made the ink run, so now you have some pretty textured papers to glue down on your collage.  Playing with all this stuff is so o o much fun!

And we are getting together again next month to put some of this new knowledge onto canvases !
Wish you could join us.
Happy Trails

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  1. Martha gave us so much information today. It was a fantastic day!