Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Demo at Harrogate Salem Terrace Today

 Hello Friends, We were thrilled to have such an interested and enthusiastic audience of visitors, residents of Harrogate, and a big group from Friendship.  Bonnie was an excellent hostess making sure everyone found a seat and received a set of instructions as well as our official photographer.

Every on was divided into small groups around tables.  Judy, Linda, and Mary Anne each gave a demo so everyone could see the process and ask questions (and there were plenty!)  We hope those of you who attended will send us some photos of your creations.
A big "Thank You" to the staff at Salem Terrace at Harrogate for hosting our demonstration today.

And a bonus to anyone who could not attend the demo today.  If you send us an e-mail (if you are already on the newsletter list) or sign up for our e-mail newsletter by the end of February, we will send you a copy of the instructions given out today.  Please click here to sign up for the newsletter.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea Salem

 Hello Friends,  Finally got to post a couple shots taken last week of the new artwork hanging at MMCT on Main St. downtown Salem, Va.  Obviously a couple issues with the duct tape sticking to the brick.
way in the back, checking on the roasting coffee beans, yeah they do it right there in the shop.  Devon was going to get regular duct tape and fix the two paintings.  He had used the new pretty, fancy dust tape.  So now you know it isn't as strong as the old gray stuff.

Don't forget to sign up for the demo's the DLP will present this coming Wednesday, the 19th at 2pm at Harrogate Salem Terrace.  Click here for info

Happy Trails

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Hello Friends,  The Double Line Painters had planned to get together at Smith Mountain Lake today for a day of painting, sharing, and discussing art.

However a BIG (especially for our part of Western Virginia) snowstorm hit last night creating a snow day for everyone.  We canceled our plans and will instead be in our home studios working.

Stay safe everyone !

PS - The good news is that the weather is supposed to warm up next week and be in the 50's.  Plan to get out and attend our collage demonstration at Salem Harrogate next Wednesday, Feb. 19th at 2pm. Click here for our newsletter with all the details.

Happy Trails

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea Salem

Hello Friends,  I got a few shots yesterday of  Bonnie, Linda and myself, Sue, as we were assisting Devon at Mill Mountain Coffee Tea in Salem, Va.   He is attaching wires to the hooks at top.
 Bonnie was in charge of the Tape !  Linda was the perspective gal off to the right.  And I was the couch potato off to the back.  I suddenly felt pretty bad and had to leave.

And everything is fine and dandy now.  But I didn't get any final pictures of everything hung up.  So I will hopefully go by there tomorrow and show you what everything looks like.  We have a lot of events coming up this year and we are all pretty excited about them.  We will be very busy.  We will do all we can to keep you up to date but Judy is doing a fab job with the new website and newsletter.
So please scoot over there and sign up for email updates on the newsletter.
Happy Trails

Sunday, February 2, 2014

How will the Double Line Painters endure Six more weeks of Winter ?

Well the ground hog saw his shadow today and it really is no surprise to anyone to expect 6 more weeks of a very cold winter.
So how will the Double Line Painters keep busy until the weather warms and a return to plein aire is possible?
 1.  Spend time working in the studio experimenting with new materials, techniques and ideas.  This is the perfect time to do something different.  We always try to remember that even if the result is not what you wanted, the experience will help you move forward in your next work.

 2.  Demonstrate how to do a collage and sharing ideas with you at Salem Terrace at Harrogate on Feb. 19 at 2pm.  Have you signed up yet to attend?   It is free but pre-registration is required (so you will be contacted in case of bad weather.)  Click Here for newsletter.

 3.  Meet together for coffee, to share books, videos and idea.  You don't need to go any further than your local library.  This is a great place to find books and videos.

4.  Plan our calendar.  We are already setting aside days for plein aire and making plans where we want to go.   After this winter we don't want to miss an opportunity to enjoy the better weather ahead.

Happy Trails