Sunday, February 2, 2014

How will the Double Line Painters endure Six more weeks of Winter ?

Well the ground hog saw his shadow today and it really is no surprise to anyone to expect 6 more weeks of a very cold winter.
So how will the Double Line Painters keep busy until the weather warms and a return to plein aire is possible?
 1.  Spend time working in the studio experimenting with new materials, techniques and ideas.  This is the perfect time to do something different.  We always try to remember that even if the result is not what you wanted, the experience will help you move forward in your next work.

 2.  Demonstrate how to do a collage and sharing ideas with you at Salem Terrace at Harrogate on Feb. 19 at 2pm.  Have you signed up yet to attend?   It is free but pre-registration is required (so you will be contacted in case of bad weather.)  Click Here for newsletter.

 3.  Meet together for coffee, to share books, videos and idea.  You don't need to go any further than your local library.  This is a great place to find books and videos.

4.  Plan our calendar.  We are already setting aside days for plein aire and making plans where we want to go.   After this winter we don't want to miss an opportunity to enjoy the better weather ahead.

Happy Trails

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