Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winter Time Work and More News

 Hello Dear Friends,  Hoping all of you have been productive during all this nasty ole weather we can't seem to get rid of.  Just hang on a little longer, Spring can't be too far away because the Robins are back !  Bless their little round hearts.
Wednesday, March 5th, above photo shows Mary Anne on the left and Judy on the right at 2nd Helpings Gallery in Roanoke, Va. on Williamson Road.  The gallery loves for their artists to come spend the day and paint for the shoppers.  The customers love it too.  I just happened to come in at lunch time but look below . . . . .
 Judy is working on a lovely impressionistic rendition of her tulips at home.  She is an avid gardener as you might already know from past posts.  She has a beautiful landscape with lots of flowers and even a vegetable and blueberry garden.  She has been very productive this nasty winter.  She, Judy also spends a good bit of time maintaining DLP's website and newsletter.  Please click here and once on the site, sign up to receive the newsletter in your in box.  And I'm sure you know it's a free sign up.  You will get news first hand of upcoming workshops and exhibitions produced by the Double Line Painters.
This is an image of a collage that Mary Anne has been working on for a workshop coming up the end of May at the Sedalia Center in Bedford.  You can find out more info on the website and newsletter mentioned above.  This workshop will help you get started with making collages out of your own painted papers and found or purchased papers.  This collage is going to be an easy beginner project because Mary Anne has done all the work for you, by making a pattern for you to trace and cut !
The workshop will feature more projects by the other members of the DLP's.   So make plans to be there.  Now get back in that studio and have some fun.
Happy Trails

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