Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beautiful Day at the Blue Ridge Vineyard

Hello Friends,  We missed YOU at the Sunday Festivities at the Vineyard.  We set up our little tent and flats and hung some work for perusal.  And happy to say, Some work did sell. 

Here is a big shot of the whole barn layout.  It's really a party barn, and lovely rustic inside.  Quite a few people showed up for the elixirs and music.

The band (a wife and husband team) were outstanding.  Everyone loved everything they sang.  If I find out their name I'll revise this post.  I wish I could remember to write this stuff down.  Barbara, the owner of the vineyard, told us all about them but no I didn't write it down.  She has them booked again in June, if you want to make plans.  Click Here to find out more.

This Thursday we will be at Cups hanging new artwork.  Cups is in the Grandin Village.  Click Here for directions and info.  Come out at about noon and have a cup with us.
Happy Trails

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