Friday, April 4, 2014

Blue Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Rock, Virginia

 Hello Friends,  Yesterday we, DLP, had the tremendous pleasure of traveling up RT. 220 to the Eagle Rock area to the "Blue Ridge Vineyards/Events....Visit their website for directions, etc.   We wasted no time in spreading out over the 300 acres to paint and sketch.  I walked and walked, taking photos.  Above photo is Bonnie set up on a really steep hill overlooking all the property.
 Here is Mary Anne, with her pastel set-up, looking in the direction of the entrance, along the road.
 Here is a shot of the entrance sign, close to where Mary Anne is set up.  That is an old cedar I'm told.
 Here is Judy set up at the entrance to the actual vines.  Over the hill top are more beautiful vistas of other properties with barns and cows!   I could stay here for months and paint.
 In previous photo of Judy, notice the poles at each end of a grape row.  They have the names of the vines in tree rounds carved out.   And look at that beautiful gnarly vine.
 After a couple hours everyone headed back to the festival "pavilion" (I don't know what to call this huge shelter.)  That's Hazel, painting on the wine bottles.  She paints various little landmarks of the property, that visitors can see from this spot.  And if I remember right, the Ruritans get a portion of sales.
 Here is a shot of the festival building, that we are sitting under in the shot above.  And I took this photo from where Bonnie was set up to paint.

And here is a better shot of Hazel painting and yours truly making a couple sketches.  I enjoy painting from sketches and memory. 
On April 27th, the last Sunday of this month, the Double Line Painters along with a music group will be set up at this pavilion to show our art work and we will be painting as you visit.  Should be a fun day for everyone involved.  So mark your calendar to ride out to this little piece of heaven and join us.  You can find more info and directions, etc, here at Blue Ridge

Happy Trails

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