Sunday, August 3, 2014

Painted Papers at 2nd Helpings on the Patio

Hello Friends,  We missed you yesterday at 2nd Helpings Gallery on Williamson Road, close to DT Roanoke, Va.  This workshop was about making painted papers for use in scrapbooking and mixed media collages.

It was great fun. A small crowd that got lots of individual attention and made a stack of papers to take home.  A big hit was the bubble printed papers.  Linda is demonstrating above.

Here a young lady named Tesa did a great job getting the bubbles to pile up.  And below...
This young lady named Lillie is about to print some bubbles on a a paper she had already gotten one coat of paint on.

Here is where everyone hung the papers to dry.  Paper Laundry !

Here the ladies are using make-up sponges on stencils.  They can also sub due the colors and patterns by scrubbing on more paint with the sponges.  You don't need a lot of expensive artists materials to make these painted papers.  In most cases you have the stuff needed, already laying about your home.

Above Judy is showing the Bedford guitar to a customer.  Click here to read more about the guitar.

Here is another view of the Guitar .  We used painted papers on this guitar to cover between the painted images.

Close up of some of the papers created yesterday.  We are holding another workshop on August 23rd at the Sedalia Center.  Click Here to read more about this workshop on the Double Line Painters Website.  And Click Here to visit the Sedalia Center website.
The drive alone is worth your time.  This is a beautiful area of Virginia.
We do hope you will join us on Aug. 23.
Please pass any of this information on to your friends and family that enjoy creative time.
Happy Trails

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