Friday, September 26, 2014

Douthat Continued and Centerfest in Bedford on Sat.27th, 2014

Hello Friends,  As promised, I'm posting more photos from Douthat State Park.  Comcast is behaving right at this moment.  Above is Bonnie on a path around the lake.  There is a path for the majority of the lake.  Looks pretty overcast, doesn't it?

Above is one of my many paintings.  Plein-Aire can be over whelming.  So much is in front of you.  I need to invent a Hat/Mask combination, so that when I look up all I see is the scene I'm painting.
Kind of like a cone on a dog.  Think any artists would be interested in that?

Above is Mary Anne working on a small canvas.  She always seems to be SO focused, I don't think she would need a cone.

Above is Linda.  She is making great strides with her plein air work.  We are both have a struggle with acrylics and plein air.  They darken so much when dry and it's impossible to adjust while you are out there in the sun.

Above is Judy.  She seems to have no problem with acrylics.  She hasn't had much to say about this problem and her paintings always look great.  She has been plein airing longer than me so maybe that's what I need.  Patience !!
Now about Centerfest.  This small little festival is held in DT Bedford.  Click Here for their webpage.
We, the Double Line Painters, will be set up under a tent in the parking lot of Goose Creek Gallery.
We all hope you will stop by and visit for a spell.  It will be fun
Happy Trails.

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