Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It Was Great !

Just a wee bit late friends.  I had shows to do and all that packing. Sorry.
Above is Bonnie with her latest ribbon.  Her husband will need to build an extra room soon for her ribbons.  This was at the "Bedford Barns Exhibit at the Bower Center in Bedford Friday night.
It was raining a LOT so the crowd was down.
Congratulations to Bonnie.

Which leads to the 42nd Lynchburg Art Festival being postponed from Sat. to Sunday.  The Rain.
It was still a great show even if the crowd was down.
That's me above working on the sunburn.

This is Linda above.  She sold a bunch of stuff and you can tell she's happy.

Above is Mary Anne and she is extra happy.  She really sold.

Above is Bonnie.  Besides winning ribbons at the Bedford exhibit, she sold quite a few things.
So everyone is happy and in case you are wondering,  Judy is missing but very Happy 'cuz she is at the Grand Canyon enjoying the views.  Lucky Lady.
So now we are all packing again to go on a short retreat in the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains close to West Virginia.  We get to paint and paint for 3 days.!
Are we the happiest plein aire painters ever?
Happy Trails

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