Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hello Dear Friends,  We, Bonnie, Judy, Linda, Mary Anne and Sue, want to wish you a happy, healthy, thankful Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Busy Season Almost Here

Hello Dear Friends,  Hope you have a fun filled Thanksgiving planned this year.  Here are a few fun ideas to add to your calendar this December.  We have a busy week coming up and would love to see you join us for some of these festivities.
Unfortunately, This is the only photo on my computer of the JEFFERSON CENTER.  This is our first holiday activity coming up on December 2nd.  We will be hanging a new show of art work in the halls of this busy entertainment center.  Just click on the link above and plan to take in one or two of their shows in December.  You can take in the art while waiting.
Next up is a Lavender Christmas Open House at the Evergreen Lavender Farm in Appomattox, Va. on Dec. 7th.
That's a photo above of their Name Stakes for the Lavender.  Click on the link to find their location and dates.  You will not regret the drive to get there.

Next up is the Extended Shopping Hours on Dec. 7th from 4 til 7pm at the Rescue Mission's 2nd Helpings Gallery.  This photo is from one of our workshop's held on their patio.  You will find a ton of beauty for gift giving and fabulous goodies in the Café.  We will be there, so stop to visit.

Next on the busy calendar is an Open House at Goose Creek Gallery in DT Bedford, Va. being held on Dec. 7th from 1 til 5pm.  This is a photo of the fantastic trees built from picture frame moulding by Patrick and Mitchell.  Judy and Mary Anne will be there to help you find the perfect gift

Next and last (for the moment) is an Open House at the Salem Terrace at Harrogate in Salem, Va. on Dec. 7th from 2 til 4pm.  This is a beautiful residence that I know you will enjoy visiting.  Linda, Bonnie and Sue will be there to show you around and there will be beautiful artwork to purchase .
We sincerely hope to see you over the holidays and hope you have a wonderful, loving Thanksgiving Day.
Best Wishes from the DLP gang !

Friday, November 14, 2014

2nd Helpings Card Day

Hello Friends,  Hope everyone is dealing with this artic air OK.  We had a warm enjoyable day at 2nd Helpings Gallery here in Roanoke, Va. yesterday.
We had lots of elbow room and everyone spread out their "stuff" to make artsy-fartsy cards.  Mary Anne had lots of left over scrap booking papers to play with.  Linda was making mono prints.  Bonnie was attempting snowflakes.  Judy was playing with her Gelli Plate.
Here Judy is showing us how to cover the plate with acrylic and lay stencils on top.

Then you pull the paper off and have an intense layer.  But she prefers the Ghost Image, as shown above.  It's the second piece of paper that is softer.  You keep layering colors and stencils.  Then you can use that paper for paintings, cards, scrap books and journals.
Can't wait to get a gelli plate!
Just in case you haven't heard, Click this link to "Evergreen Lavender Farm" to see their invitation to a Lavender Christmas.  Wish I could go but I already have a Holiday House at Salem Terrace to attend and right after that I go to a Christmas party with work.
Linda, Bonnie and myself, Sue will be attending the Holiday Festivities at Salem Terrace at Harrogate in Salem, Va.  Click Here for info.
Judy and Mary Anne will be attending the festivities at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Va.       Click Here for more info.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Trails

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wind and Fast Moving Clouds

Hello Friends,  We had a joyful day painting in Salem.  The sky was pretty dramatic.

We set up on the balcony/patio outside the Cyber Café, so the enclosure offered a WEE bit of  wind protection.  It was warm but after a bit you needed something like Judy's windbreaker.  See how puffed up it looks.  She was painting the garden below.

Little, tiny Linda had to grab the hand rail at times to avoid being air born.  She had a great sketch before it was over with a beautiful sky.

Bonnie produced a great sketch also.  Since she isn't in the photo, she may have gone over the railing !

And this is my little sketch (Sue).  I stayed inside the Cyber Café to prevent any more wind induced headaches. I went outside to photograph.
Mary Anne missed the fun.  The Water Authority had her tied up.
We will meet again next week, Wed. the 12th at Second Helpings Gallery from about 10:30 until 1pm.  We hope you can stop in to say hello and look at all the beautiful artwork they display.
Happy Trails

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Painting at the Top

Hello Dear Friends,  Are you enjoying the first blast of yukky winter weather?
Two days ago, we were painting in the lovely sunshine.

There were several spots of beautiful autumn colors up at the top of Mill Mountain.  Love the views of the valley from both sides of this mountain.

Mary Anne, above is capturing a view, looking North, I think.

Linda, above, is working on the view at the second overlook.

Judy, above, is capturing the view at the second overlook also.  She started her painting on a bright blue ground.  Probably because the autumn colors are the contrast for blue.  This should set up a nice vibration in her painting.
Bonnie and Sue were getting a late start, so nothing to show you from them.
Next week we plan to paint the Salem Vista's from the "Salem Terrace at Harrogate".
We have several events coming up quickly in November and December. 
We will keep you in the loop and hope you will come out and chat with us.
Happy Trails