Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wind and Fast Moving Clouds

Hello Friends,  We had a joyful day painting in Salem.  The sky was pretty dramatic.

We set up on the balcony/patio outside the Cyber Café, so the enclosure offered a WEE bit of  wind protection.  It was warm but after a bit you needed something like Judy's windbreaker.  See how puffed up it looks.  She was painting the garden below.

Little, tiny Linda had to grab the hand rail at times to avoid being air born.  She had a great sketch before it was over with a beautiful sky.

Bonnie produced a great sketch also.  Since she isn't in the photo, she may have gone over the railing !

And this is my little sketch (Sue).  I stayed inside the Cyber Café to prevent any more wind induced headaches. I went outside to photograph.
Mary Anne missed the fun.  The Water Authority had her tied up.
We will meet again next week, Wed. the 12th at Second Helpings Gallery from about 10:30 until 1pm.  We hope you can stop in to say hello and look at all the beautiful artwork they display.
Happy Trails

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