Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Healthy New Year

Wishing all our friends the best in this coming New Year.
HAPPY 2015
"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one."
Brad Paisley

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and Thanks

And Please stay tuned for More

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artists - Day Eight - Sue Furrow

Hello Friends,  We have finally reached the last artist, Sue Furrow.  This will be the most difficult post.  I have no luck critique-ing my own work.  I will try to be as upbeat as I have been with the other artists in this show.
First off, my favorite pieces are here, the first two.  I feel that these two are reflecting me as I am NOW, in this journey through life.  They are the first attempts at a new way of expressing myself and my love for the beautiful world God was hoping we would take care of.

This part of our country, SW Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains is indeed a grand place to live in.  To hike and travel through.  To paint in.  The 1st is a view in the Eagle Rock area, Blue Ridge Vineyard.  This 2nd, is right outside of Roanoke, on Rt.221, "Crystal Spring".

The remainder of these paintings were done in the studio, with a lot of preparation and angst.  Trying to follow all the rules.

Trying to make them interesting and getting the focal points in the right little golden section.

I still like the 2 above with the horse and the cows and the joyful flowers and the happy little trees.
Not too bad for someone that started her journey unprepared and under educated.

Wow, look at the direction this one took.  Photos are not my friend.

This is a bit dark, mostly because of the nasty camera.  Using some photos and some actual observations up on Mill Mountain, this one is not too bad.

This one is actually prettier than it seems.  I doubt if I could have done any better en Plein Air.  The figure is daunting.
So there you have it.  8 Artist in 8 Days.  It will be interesting to do this again in 12 months.  And I hope you are interested enough and curious enough to come back and see us next year at the Jefferson Center in DT Roanoke.
Wishing you a very happy Holiday, with peace, health and happiness, dogging you all the way.
Merry Christmas from Mary Anne, Judy, Linda, Bonnie and Sue

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artists - Day Seven - Patty Powers

Hello Friends,  Today you get to peek at Patty Powers gorgeous work.  Patty is our guest from Lynchburg.  More so than ever you need to see these in person.  My camera just can't do them justice.
The one above is my favorite.  I love birds nests and eggs.

Her colors are so much more pleasing to your eye, than what you see here.  I don't know what the title is but it looks musical to me.

I made this piece into 2 photos.  It's long and getting back far enough was not working.

Don't you think this looks underwater, ocean, reef, tropical?
Love the colors.

Took this shot at an angle to keep glass glare down.  Reminds me of butterfly wings.
Am I putting words in your mouth or thoughts in your head?

This one shimmers if I remember right.  Really like the leaf patterns.

Enjoy the large drops of color on the left and the way she carried the circle shapes across the rest of the work. Beautiful.!
You will enjoy perusing Patty's work in fiber and all the other creative efforts on display at the Jefferson Center until mid-January.
Hope to run into you there.
If not - Happy Trails

Friday, December 19, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artists - Day Six - Mary Anne Meador

Hello Friends,  We hope you are having a season full of fun and good cheer, happiness and laughter.
Today the spotlight is on Mary Anne Meador. One of her more seductive pieces above.

Mary Anne's work is a true artist expression.

Full of energy and movement.

Sometimes a bit mysterious.

Maybe a bit ethereal.

And you can certainly say spiritual.  Sometimes I feel like I could walk her paths with Jesus.
Of course, these are my opinions.  Your reaction to her work could be way different than mine.
BUT isn't that the coolest thing about art?
This show of the Double Line Painters Work with their guests is hanging at the Jefferson Center next to the YMCA in Downtown Roanoke, Va.
Thank you for stopping by.
Happy Trails

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artists - Day Five - Martha Rhodes

Hello Friends,  Moving on to Martha Rhoades work.  Martha enjoys experimental work and collage. She likes a high horizon.

Martha travels a lot and the travels inspire a lot of paintings.

Here is a high horizon line and believe me this is 10 times prettier in person.

And the same for the work under glass.  My camera just doesn't do well indoors..

It seems OK outdoors.  I apologize to Martha for these bad photos.  But please go to the Jefferson Center your self and see how good looking her works are in person.

Another High Horizon.
This show will be hanging through Mid January but I bet some of these pieces find new homes before then.  So go look while they are all there.
Christmas will be here before you know it.
Happy Holidays
Travel Carefully.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artist - Day Four - Linda Schaar

Hello Friends,  Forgive me for not posting for 2 days.  I have been in the bed, deathly ill (imo) for 2 days.  I'm able to sit up now so here we go !
Linda took a workshop this past summer, along with the other DLP's.  I guess a good way to sum up that workshop is "how to see everyday things abstractly". And again, in my opinion, Linda did a great job of seeing abstractly.  Above is one example.

Here is her typical more realistic work with tulips and lemons.

Another abstracted view.

A view of Downtown Roanoke.

How cool is this abstraction?

And her view of the beautiful Bird of Paradise.
These and many more are hanging at the Jefferson Center in DT Roanoke, next to the YMCA.
Go take a look at the 2nd & 3rd floors.
Happy Trails

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jefferson Center - Indiviual Artists - Day Three - Judith Lochbrunner

Hello Friends,  More beauties to show you.  Remember these look so much better in person.  My camera tends to make everything a flatter golden color.

I am not critiquing, just trying to describe.  Judy has lots of textures and builds up more texture.

She is an avid gardener so has lots of references to work from.

You need to go to the Jefferson Center.  In DT Roanoke, next to the YMCA.

Here is an especially handsome abstract.

One of her light and airy floral pieces.
We all hope you are enjoying your search for the perfect gifts. 
And remember that original artwork is a PERFECT gift.
Happy Trails
Happy Shopping

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artists - Day Two - Bud Shaw

Hello Friends,  Today you should go to the Jefferson Center in DT Roanoke, Va.  The Jefferson Center is next door to the YMCA.

You will get to see Bud Shaw's Stained glass.  Beautiful Work !

Of course you know this is a sun.

Bud said this is a tree.

A sun variation, reminds me of a lion.

This looks like an African Sun.
Forgive me Bud, if you think I'm inappropriate commenting on your Suns.
They are even better looking in person.
Happy Trails
Happy Holidays

Friday, December 12, 2014

Jefferson Center - The Work of Each Artist - Day One - Bonnie Mason

Hello Friends,  I'm posting the work of each artist in alphabetical order.

This post is all about Bonnie Mason's beautiful work.

I shall not go into sizes or titles.

I would be at the Jefferson Center 'til New Years if I tried that.

You can go and check the art on 2nd & 3rd floors

Please come back tomorrow for Bud Shaw's stained glass.
Thank you for stopping by and Happy Holidays to You.