Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artist - Day Four - Linda Schaar

Hello Friends,  Forgive me for not posting for 2 days.  I have been in the bed, deathly ill (imo) for 2 days.  I'm able to sit up now so here we go !
Linda took a workshop this past summer, along with the other DLP's.  I guess a good way to sum up that workshop is "how to see everyday things abstractly". And again, in my opinion, Linda did a great job of seeing abstractly.  Above is one example.

Here is her typical more realistic work with tulips and lemons.

Another abstracted view.

A view of Downtown Roanoke.

How cool is this abstraction?

And her view of the beautiful Bird of Paradise.
These and many more are hanging at the Jefferson Center in DT Roanoke, next to the YMCA.
Go take a look at the 2nd & 3rd floors.
Happy Trails

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