Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jefferson Center - Individual Artists - Day Seven - Patty Powers

Hello Friends,  Today you get to peek at Patty Powers gorgeous work.  Patty is our guest from Lynchburg.  More so than ever you need to see these in person.  My camera just can't do them justice.
The one above is my favorite.  I love birds nests and eggs.

Her colors are so much more pleasing to your eye, than what you see here.  I don't know what the title is but it looks musical to me.

I made this piece into 2 photos.  It's long and getting back far enough was not working.

Don't you think this looks underwater, ocean, reef, tropical?
Love the colors.

Took this shot at an angle to keep glass glare down.  Reminds me of butterfly wings.
Am I putting words in your mouth or thoughts in your head?

This one shimmers if I remember right.  Really like the leaf patterns.

Enjoy the large drops of color on the left and the way she carried the circle shapes across the rest of the work. Beautiful.!
You will enjoy perusing Patty's work in fiber and all the other creative efforts on display at the Jefferson Center until mid-January.
Hope to run into you there.
If not - Happy Trails

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